The new Primark Christmas jumper collection has got us feeling festive

Fa la la la la, la la la llama...

primark Christmas jumpers
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Fa la la la la, la la la llama...

Words by Niamh McCollum

Raise your hand (mentally) if you’ve ever been at an office Christmas party, festive drinks or a 12 Pubs of Christmas and have seen at least two people there donning the same Primark Christmas jumper? Maybe you were even one of them.

You’re raising your hand, aren’t you? Of course you are - we’re talking about the annual Primark Christmas jumper collection here people - it’s iconic. 

If you love it just as much as we do, then get excited because we are giving you an exclusive look into some of our favourite pieces from its 2018 range that will see you through any Christmas occasion.

Novelty Knits

Bright colours, dogs in Fair Isle thermal wear, and who doesn’t love a good Christmas pun? - (especially one about llamas – how wonderfully random??) Setting you back just £10-12, these cheerful knits are perfect for a Christmas night out, and are sure to put a lil' smile on the face of even the strongest of Christmas cynics.

primark christmas jumpers

The Classic

For many, Christmas is a time for tradition, and sometimes people just want to stick with what they know. For £12, this reindeer winter-warmer offers a bit more of a classic Christmas feel.

primark reindeer jumper

Cute & Subtle Patterns

Subtle, but enough print and glitter to put you in the Christmas mood. These cost only between £12-£15 quid, and are so cute !!

primark christmas knits

And now for the Christmas Cynic...

You’re a rare but growing breed. You grit your teeth every single time you hear someone utter that spine-chilling 9-letter word. You’d like to go to the pub, but why should you have to dress up? This creation, for the fine price of £9, is all yours…

primark christmas jumper

Well, what are you waiting for?

We've picked our favourites, now go out and grab yours !!

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