The person who breaks in the Queen’s shoes has spoken out

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  • The Queen is a busy person, and at 93, it’s also natural that comfort come first when she is on duty. Which is why she didn’t wear the Imperial Crown when she spoke in front of Parliament recently, and why she apparently has someone to break in her new shoes for her (you don’t blisters while you’re handing out OBEs now do you?).

    Now the rumour has been confirmed, with the identity of the shoe-wearer revealed. According to HELLO!, it is none other than Her Majesty’s dresser, Angela Kelly.

    In her book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and The Wardrobe, she explains, ‘As has been reported a lot in the press, a flunky wears in Her Majesty’s shoes to ensure that they are comfortable and that she is always good to go. And yes, I am that flunky.’

    She added, ‘The Queen has very little time to herself and not time to wear in her own shoes, and as we share the same shoe size it makes the most sense this way.’

    The pair have been working together for 25 years and the monarch apparently gave Kelly permission to write a book about royal fashion and their experience.

    It’s the first time a current member of the royal household has been given permission to write about their work with the family, so it’s set to be a very insightful book indeed.

    It will come out later this week, and is also set to cover the Queen’s James Bond skit at the 2012 Olympics, Michelle Obama’s visit and other royal-related fashion anecdotes such as the christening gown.

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