5 reasons why Marc Jacobs’ Autumn/Winter ‘24 show was brilliant

Expect the unexpected

Marc Jacobs AW24 show
(Image credit: Marc Jacobs)

Everything about Marc Jacobs’ Autumn/Winter ‘24 catwalk show was beautifully offbeat, not least the timing. Taking place on 1st July, it was out of the usual fashion programming – belated, in fact. It turns out, the saying is right; good things do come to those who wait.

The show was larger than life – literally so. As with the American designer’s Spring/Summer ‘24 collection, garments had extremely exaggerated proportions, creating a paper-doll-like effect.

Marc Jacobs AW24 show

(Image credit: Alexandra Arnold / Marc Jacobs)

The idea of metamorphosis was reflected in the show notes, which read, ‘We use fashion to embrace bold and courageous self-expression [...] allowing us to freely explore and display our thoughts, desires, and identities in a deeper pursuit of joy, beauty and personal transformation.’

In a nutshell, Jacobs’ maxim is ‘Joy, period.’ Want to know how he achieved that? This is your guide to a very memorable show, in five key takeaways.

1. There was a modern Marilyn Monroe moment

Marc Jacobs AW24 show look 1

(Image credit: Marc Jacobs)

The first look from the show was a white, halterneck dress – a cartoonish reimagining of the William Travilla dress Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch. No gust of wind needed; the skirt is structured so it is permanently in mid-air.

2. Minnie Mouse is muse

Marc Jacobs AW24 show backstage

(Image credit: Alexandra Arnold / Marc Jacobs)

The famous mouse's polka dots were supersized and splashed upon an A-line skirt, while her long-lashed peepers were a recurring feature in the show.

3. The Breton tee got an upgrade

Marc Jacobs AW24 show look 30

(Image credit: Marc Jacobs)

We want ours oversized with dramatic structure and a '60s-tinged boatneck. Hello, sailor.

4. There is a new bag to covet

Marc Jacobs AW24 show - bag

(Image credit: Alexandra Arnold / Marc Jacobs)

The top-handled, chain-adorned messenger came in various guises – milky suede, cerise-pink, and in quilted form, perhaps a reference to Jacobs' iconic Stam bag. A future classic designer handbag.

5. Marc knows how to draw a crowd

Hari Nef, Debbie Harry and Chloe Sevigny at Marc Jacobs AW24 show

(Image credit: Getty Images)

...and not just any crowd. The front row was filled with icons, including Debbie Harry, Chloe Sevigny, Hari Nef, Winnie Harlow, Anna Sui and Sofia Coppola.

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