These are most expensive fashion items we ever bought and why

Whether people like to admit it or not, they love talking about money, which is why I had so many replies to my article on how much money women spend on clothes. So the next logical step was to ask them what the most expensive item they ever bought was (some names have been changed)…

Nicky, political consultant, London

What: A Hermes scarf, £600

Why: I bought my mum a Mother’s Day present of a cashmere Hermes scarf. To be honest it was a bit of a panic buy from Selfridges, I was looking for something special and ran out of time. Mum likes scarves so thought it would be ok, but years later she admitted she didn’t like the colour, so now it’s mine!

Sarah, freelance stylist and writer, London

What: The Chloe Tess bag, £1,250
Why: I wanted to celebrate being my own boss and completely on my own for a year. It was £1,250 but I got a discount through a friend. It was still more than my rent or mortgage though!

Trishna, digital content creator, London

What: A Celine bag, £1,500

Why: I’d been wanting it for a long time, and bought it right after Phoebe Philo left the brand, because I wanted a piece of her legacy in my wardrobe! It was one of the last few models with the accent on the E (according to staff) and I’m so happy I love it.

Verity, operations manager, London

What: A Studio Nicholson virgin wool coat, £250

Why: I wanted to treat myself as I’d worked so hard, but also wanted something classic so it wouldn’t feel like wasted money a few years down the line. I bought it new with tags from Vestiaire Collective, it was down from £800, so I think it was thrifty, especially when you factor in cost per wear.

Lisa, account manager, London

What: Mansur Gavriel pleated bucket bag, £525

Why: I’m one for being thrifty and try to buy things second hand but I bought the Mansur Gavriel pleated bucket bag as I was given a small Liberty voucher and also wanted to celebrate how far I’d come in my career (I’d been offered a new job with a promotion).

Amanda, translator, Greece

What: A Moschino bag, £180  in the sale

Why: It was the end of summer and I’d worked so hard throughout that season that I decided I deserved it.

Clare, social media manager, Somerset

What: A Celine handbag, £930

Why: I purchased my first (and only) designer handbag when I got my first work bonus. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought and probably ever will. It was second hand as I still couldn’t afford brand new. I’d worked really hard for my bonus and got more than I expected. I knew I was never going to get that amount again and decided that buying the bag was my way of reminding myself that hard work does pay off. I still wear it most days nearly four years later and love it as much as I did then.

Rachel, stay at home mum, Essex

What: Christian Louboutin suede ankle boots, £750

Why: They’re definitely the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. I got them because they’re classic, go with everything from jeans to leather trousers, skirts or even floaty dresses. They’ll never go out of fashion, and the heels aren’t too high either, so actually quite comfy.

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