This is why a bunch of your favourite stars aren’t at the Grammys tonight

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    The Grammys red carpet is officially underway and the ceremony will soon be starting. But you may have noticed that some of your favourite stars are missing from the Grammys this year. Ariana Grande? Can’t seem to spot her. Beyonce? Nope. Taylor Swift? Nowhere to be seen. So er, why?

    Well, there are a bunch of different reasons why loads of our favourite musicians most likely will not be around this year, starting with timing conflicts and ending with disagreements with the Grammys’ big bosses.

    Ariana Grande, for example, will not be there due to a disagreement she had with Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich. When Ehrlich told press that the reason she would not be performing is because she wasn’t able to put together a performance quickly, Ariana took to Twitter to call him out, claiming the real reason she wouldn’t be there is that her creativity had been ‘stifled’:

    Taylor Swift, on the other hand, will not be present due to her current schedule; the star is currently in London shooting Cats. According to Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter feed, her and John Legend were staying home rather than attending, too.

    Then there were the stars who allegedly just straight up didn’t want to go. According to The New York Times, both Drake and Childish Gambino were both asked to perform but declined (it is unclear whether they will still attend), and Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran have not attended for a while after previous award snubs.

    Similarly, Time claims that Beyonce isn’t likely to show after a 2017 snub, and predict Rihanna may be absent also as she is currently focussing on her beauty empire and has not released new music recently.

    While we’re sure the show will still be great, all these absentees beg the question: are the Grammys sort of, well, over?

    We’ll have to wait and see how tonight goes!

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