This is why you recognise Rosi and Rasa from Buying London

The UK's answer to Selling Sunset features some very familiar faces

Why you recognise Rosi and Rasa from Buying London
(Image credit: Netflix/Buying London)

It's fair to say that Netflix has had a huge year so far. The streaming giant has been behind some of the biggest shows of 2024, from Richard Gadd's hugely successful (and controversial) Baby Reindeer to the return of Bridgerton and the gripping sci-fi drama 3 Body Problem. And now, five years on from the launch of Selling Sunset with its host of eye-wateringly expensive Los Angeles homes, we finally have a British counterpart: Buying London.

The show follows a similar format, trailing the estate agents behind some of the biggest property sales in the capital, and it has had a fairly mixed reaction since it landed on Netflix last week. While it has largely been criticised as tone-deaf amidst London's housing crisis, with one review calling it the 'most hateable TV show ever made' and another calling for an end to wealth-obsessed reality TV shows, viewers have taken to social media to share how much they're enjoying the 'drama'.

But one thing that fans of the show have noticed is that estate agents Rosi and Rasa seem very familiar. If you've been watching Buying London and wondering where you've seen the DDRE Global employees before, it turns out that Rosi Walden and Rasa Bagdonaviciute have already dipped their toes in reality TV waters.

Rosi Walden - Buying London

Rosi Walden Buying London

(Image credit: Netflix/Buying London)

Recognise Rosi? The 28 year old estate agent might be working for property mogul Daniel Daggers now, but back in 2019 she starred in Made In Chelsea. At the time, she went by Rosi-Mai and was famously caught up in a bit of a love triangle with Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo. During season 17 of MIC, Jamie and Sophie had been exclusively dating for a few months when Rosi shared that she had slept with him, leading to Jamie and Sophie's brief break-up.

Five years on, Rosi is a qualified yoga instructor who has been working at DDRE Global since 2022.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute - Buying London

Rasa Bagdonaviciute Buying London

(Image credit: Netflix/Buying London)

Rasa has already ruffled some feathers at the DDRE Global office after falling out with colleague and co-star, Lauren Christy. But if you recognise Rasa, you could have seen her on TV last year.

The 35 year-old former Customer Relations Executive took part in Channel 4's Selling Super Houses in 2023 and as part of the show, Rasa competed with a host of estate agents for a job at luxury London property company RIB. While she didn't win, Rasa has quickly become one of Buying London's biggest personalities.

So, now you know!

Buying London is available to stream now on Netflix.

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