The Traitors winner has ‘already been unveiled’ with this clue apparently

Former contestant Wilf spotted something interesting

The Traitors UK winner clue
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If you've been glued to this season of The Traitors UK, then same. It has felt like a long wait since Friday's episode when viewers watched the two remaining Traitors - Harry and Andrew - recruit a new addition after the jaw-dropping take down of mastermind Paul. They offered the role to Ross, who quickly decided that he would avenge the brutal 'murder' of his mother, Diane, by throwing them under the bus at the first opportunity. It's gripping, it's chaotic, it's like Shakespearian reality TV gold. 

And the finale is just days away. With new twists and turns in every episode, it's anyone's guess who will make it to the final - and whether the Traitors will succeed in bagging the cash, or if the Faithfuls will sniff them out in time.  

However, we may have been given a clue about who the champion - or champions - will be, according to former contestant Wilf Webster. He quickly became The Traitors season one villain and after weeks of scheming he found himself in the finale - but the three remaining Faithfuls banished him in the nick of time and were able to split the cash prize between themselves. 

Now that Ross has been added to the Traitors team, Wilf believes that he knows who will take the money on Friday. He said on The Traitors podcast: "There's going to be another downfall, I can feel it in the way it is edited. And I feel Molly will be the one, because she's the one who was talking about, 'Yeah, he knew loads' and you can see the cogs are there. And it's just not spinning yet to tell her that actually he shouldn't know too much about that."

He added: "Then Jaz is there who already got suspicions on Harry, then the majority will go for it. And I do think that Andrew is going to win."

What do you make of that?

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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