The Traitors fans are convinced that this moment foreshadows Andrew's fate

It's all getting *very* tense

The Traitors UK Andrew's fate
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The Traitors UK season 2 has been a whirlwind. Not only have we seen some brutal backstabbing and scheming, we've also watched some brilliant storylines unfold - from the jaw-dropping takedown of Paul, to Ross' attempt to avenge his real-life mother Diane's death (attempt being the operative word). 

With just two episodes to go, fans are desperately trying to work out what direction the two remaining Traitors - Harry and Andrew - will take when it comes to the most recent 'murder', and how the group will fare at the ever-chaotic round table tonight. Former contestant Wilf has shared his thoughts on who he thinks will win thanks to this subtle clue, and after last night's episodes he might just be on to something. 

On Wednesday, viewers watched as newly-recruited Traitor Ross copped a pretty intense grilling about his allegiances from the moment he woke up. His grand plans to take down Harry and Andrew for their part in killing Diane - the surprise twist everyone on X was gunning for - were quickly snuffed as he was banished by the group at the round table. And it seemed that the Faithfuls were most swayed by a heated discussion between him and fellow Traitor, Andrew, with Andrew vehemently denying an accusation from Ross about comments that he had made about Harry. Andrew protested, and protested well, lying about what he had said - and ultimately, that interaction led to Ross leaving the castle.

It's the first time viewers have seen Andrew acting 'Traitor-ish', and now they are convinced that this moment indicates his fate. 

One fan wrote on X: "Hot take: We have all underestimated Andrew. He is a far better, far smarter Traitor than anyone has given him credit for."

Another said: "Andrew playing it so dumb for 9 episodes and then pretending he’s too dumb to use the word ‘elusive’ and actually that being more intelligent than anything anybody else has said all series is … lowkey iconic."

A third speculated that Andrew could actually win as a Traitor if he is able to throw Harry of the scent, adding: "I know everyone loves Harry, but I hope he’s banished at the final stage and everything goes to Andrew because it would just be so poetic."

Could Andrew go from confused new recruit to calculated Traitor champion by tomorrow night? We'll have to wait and see. 

The Traitors UK continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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