Why people are complaining about ‘plug boy’ from the Sainsbury’s ad

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    The countdown to Christmas is in full swing. We’ve opened our beauty advent calendars, the Prosecco Christmas crackers are chilling in the fridge and we’re (slyly) leaving gift guides open on our OH’s phone, because we’re into everything on the best fitness gifts list and the gifts for her roundup.

    And that’s not all. While we’ve decked the halls and decorated the tree, we’ve also been tearing up at all the new Christmas adverts. The John Lewis Christmas advert makes us want to learn how to play the piano (and listen to Your Song on repeat), and the Waitrose Christmas advert brilliantly mocks everybody who eagerly awaits the John Lewis offering.

    But if there’s one stand-out commercial this year, it’s the Sainsbury’s ad. Not only do we LOVE the fact that the parents are watching their kids perform the show for the first time for real, the literal star makes us well up because her rendition of You Get What You Give is just amazing.

    There’s also one other little actor who has grabbed the nation’s attention – and that’s ‘plug boy’. You know, the kid who is dressed as a plug, does a run-up and lands perfectly in the giant socket.

    However, not everyone is taken with the iconic moment. The Advertising Standards Authority has reportedly received 35 complaints which claim it’s a health and safety issue because children watching may attempt to copy ‘plug boy’ or play with sockets.

    Though the ASA is reviewing whether or not these 35 people have a case, many more have taken to social media to express their outrage that this is even a thing.

    ‘If someone has an issue with #PlugBoy and the Sainsbury’s advert then I think they generally just have an issue with life,’ one fan of the advert tweeted.

    Another added: ‘What has the world come to!! The little lads a legend!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE #PlugBoy.’

    A third said: ‘People complaining about the Sainsbury’s plugboy, what next, you going to complain about the kid dressed as a turkey in case they jump in the oven and cook themselves for 2 hours??!!’

    At the time of writing, Sainsbury’s has not commented on the complains.

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