This is the world’s most popular Disney princess

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  • If you’re a big Disney fan, you’ve probably already picked out some Disney-inspired baby names or fallen in love with one of these stunning Disney princess wedding gowns. And you probably already know that these are the most successful Disney films of all time (although whether or not you agree is a totally different story).

    But when it comes down to the world’s well-loved characters, who is your favourite Disney princess? Are you a fan of the classics and backing the likes of Snow White and Belle? Or do you prefer the more recent movies starring Elsa and Rapunzel?

    Well, PlayLikeMum analysed Google search data to find out which Disney princesses come out on top in every country – and the results were very interesting.

    According to the study, one leading lady has some incredibly loyal fans.

    So who took the crown?

    It turns out that across the globe, Cinderella is the most popular Disney princess. She was the fan favourite in 76 countries, and the breakdown shows that she dominates in almost every continent.

    most popular disney princess

    Credit: Play Like Mum

    Cinderella was followed by Frozen’s Elsa and Tangled’s Rapunzel in 28 countries each.

    Belle was next on the list, voted as the most popular in 9 countries, followed by Ariel in 8.

    In Europe, Snow White was the favourite in Malta whereas Italy prefers The Little Mermaid.

    Truly, we’re missing some love for the likes of Moana, Merida, Tiana and Mulan.

    Which Disney princess tops your favourites list?

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