Married At First Sight: Everything you need to know about the TV show EVERYONE is talking about

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    Married At First Sight UK has returned to our screens for its second season and it’s safe to say we’re totally hooked – already.

    Thought the dating game had gone to the extreme with Naked Attraction? Well – bafflingly – stripping off and having potential dates rate your naked body seems a little less risqué when compared to signing a legally binding contract to stay with a stranger for life.

    So is it actually legit? Are there seriously people out there who are willing to tie the knot with someone they don’t know? We’ve got the low down on everything you could want to know about Married At First Sight UK

    What is Married At First Sight?

    If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, the first thing you should know is that there is zero dating involved on Married At First Sight UK. Willing singles are matched up by experts before walking down the aisle where they will meet their new life partner for the very first time. Couples then spend five weeks living together before deciding whether to stay together or call it quits.

    And it seems there are a lot of people happy to put their fate into the hands of science for the social experiment, as applications for both series of Married At First Sight UK came through in their thousands. Clearly Tinder isn’t working for everyone, then.

    Expert matchmakers (evolutionary anthropologists, psycho-sexual therapists, a priest, you know the type…) put potential candidates through workshops, interviews, background checks, DNA tests and personality questionnaires (some of which took over 12 hours to complete), before whittling them down to 15 hopefuls.

    We know what you’re thinking: Yes, it’s all completely legit. And no, there isn’t a huge pay out. However, couples do get an all-expenses paid honeymoon which (maybe?!) could be one explanation for the whole thing. We still think we’ll stick to good old online dating for now.


    Married At First Sight couples season one

    Married at first sight

    Jason & Kate

    The first pair to tie the knot was 34-year-old financial advisor Jason and 31-year-old personal trainer Kate. Following a surprisingly glitch-free wedding, the overwhelming response on Twitter was that there’s no hope for the rest of us if Kate has to resort to this show to find a man.

    Jack & Sam

    Sam, 30, a chartered surveyor and Jack, 29, a former paratrooper, were the second couple to be matched. These two didn’t even make it down the aisle before Sam got cold feet and called the whole thing off.

    James & Emma

    33-year-old events manager Emma and university program co-ordinator James, 34, instantly hit it off with their mutual awkwardness. Although Emma didn’t seem to want James within 2 metres of her, they both made up for it in banter – kind of.


    Married At First Sight couples season two


    Clark & Melissa

    The couple to take it for the most promising nuptials so far are 26-year-old business development manager Clark and student nurse Melissa, 27. The pair seemed to be smitten at first sight – we’re rooting for these two.

    Adam & Caroline

    Train manager Adam, 33, and operations co-ordinator Caroline, 28, bonded over being self-confessed geeks. Good thing really, as Caroline is yet to meet Adam’s impressive collection of superhero memorabilia.

    Adam & Sara

    32-year-old trainee counsellor Adam and 30-year-old PA Sara didn’t exactly hit it off straight away. Sara’s family weren’t happy about the whole thing in the first place, and neither was Sara when she walked down the aisle to someone she ‘wouldn’t go for in a pub’. Adam’s friends were surprised he was giving up his bachelor lifestyle to settle down, and to be honest we’re just not sure this one’s going to work out.

    Steve & Lucie

    Ex-army man Steve, 30, pulled out all the stops to make sure he was marriage material before his wedding to 27-year-old marketing executive Lucie, including a new set of teeth and a gym membership. Although we missed most of the wedding due to covering our face in second-hand embarrassment, these two genuinely seemed to like each other.


    Married At First Sight UK season one – where are they now?

    Married at first sight

    James and Emma

    Jason & Kate

    Despite their initial spark, Jason and Kate split up after just two weeks. It all seemed to be going quickly downhill, and this was confirmed when Jason was caught on Tinder by one of the bride’s friends. Apparently this was all right though as he’d already decided the marriage was over. It later emerged that Jason had never wanted to consummate the marriage and he claimed he’d never even been attracted to Kate. Their marriage was officially annulled eight months later.

    Sam & Jack

    After calling off the wedding, Sam reached out to apologise to Jack over social media only for them both to realised they shared an ‘amazing’ connection. Sadly their off-screen romance was short lived and came to an end earlier this year. No need to for a quickie divorce though.

    James & Emma

    The only couple to make it well into the honeymoon period say they’d never fancied each other, but decided to make a go of it anyway. Married to a stranger, separate houses, bad sex (they said it), who knows why this one didn’t last? It just ‘didn’t feel natural’ (shocking) but the pair have remained friends and said they ended it just before they began to really dislike each other. We love a happy ending.

    To find out the fate of the couples from series 2, tune in to Channel 4 Tuesday at 9pm.

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