This Harry Potter character would earn the most money in the real world

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It has been 23 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released, and 19 years since the first film of the well-loved franchise. Yes, it really has been that long.

Since then, a number of brilliant and magical experiences have cropped up. We've been able to visit Harry Potter themed tea rooms, take part in Harry Potter escape rooms and even attempt a 3,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle.

While the characters ended up in a number of different jobs years after leaving Hogwarts - from Aurors at the Ministry of Magic to officials in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - we've often wondered what their career paths would look like if they were working regular muggle jobs. did the maths to find out which Harry Potter character would be raking in the cash in the real world - and which popular personality would be earning considerably less.

So do the goodies or the baddies come out on top?

Harry Potter himself is considered to be selfless, brave, empathetic and strong-willed, with fans believing he would make a fantastic Social Worker, earning roughly £27,000 a year.

Hermione, the brains of the famous trio, is thought to be best suited to a University lecturer role thanks to her love of Arithmancy, earning an estimated £45,187 per annum.

Fans feel that Ron would be an excellent pest controller (considering his fear of spiders, we're not quite sure of that one), earning £22,779.

But He Who Must Not Be Named would actually be the top earner, with Voldemort's average salary coming to £108,892 if he took a controversial role as CEO of a fraudulent Telesales company. He pips the loveable Dumbledore to the post, with the Headmaster predicted to take in £81,398 a year as a University Dean, and cheeky chappy George Weasley - who would likely make his money as a YouTube prankster - comes in last place, earning £13,000.

Here's the full list of Harry Potter characters and their muggle world jobs, plus their average salaries...

1 - Voldemort, CEO of fraudulent Telesales Company: £108,892

2 - Dumbledore, University Dean: £81,398

3 - Ginny Weasley, News Reporter: £52,268

4 - Hermione Granger, University Lecturer: £45,187

5 - Draco Malfoy, Stock Trader: £45,000

6 - Luna Lovegood, Freelance Artist: £32,500

7 - Lavender Brown, Influencer: £29,000

8 - Harry Potter, Social Worker: £27,000

9 - Severus Snape, Research Chemist: £24,496

10 - Hagrid, Wildlife Documentary Filmmaker: £24,138

11 - Ron Weasley, Pet Control: £22,779

12 - Neville Longbottom, Gardener: £20,536

13 - George Weasley, Prank YouTuber: £13,000

So now you know.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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