It's The GBBO Final, So We Give You The Six Best Bake Off Contestants Ever

The final of GBBO is tonight and by god, we are excited to find out who will finally take the biscuit (excuse the pun).

The final of GBBO is tonight and by god, we are excited to find out who will finally take the biscuit (excuse the pun).

Sob. We can't believe that the Great British Bake Off is nearly over, will Ian triumph as the early favourite, Tamal break his habit of last-minute brilliance or Nadia make Paul weep with the sheer perfection of her flavours.

To celebrate, we’re counting down our six favourite past and present Bake Off contestants ever…

The One With The Best Facial Expressions

Nadia Hussain (Series 6)

She's the favourite to take the Bake Off crown tonight and while her baking has been bloody brilliant, it's her facial expressions that have got us all talking. If she wins, we'll be screenshotting her reaction and keeping it forever.

The One We All Fancy

Tamal Ray (Series 6)

Those eyes, that smile…that perfectly coiffed beard that straddles the messy and rugged look. We may or may not be in love. While he may have revealed he was gay last week making a date out of the question, we’re his biggest fangirls.

The One We Want As Our Grandpa

Norman Calder (Series 5)

While Paul Hollywood may not have been impressed, we certainly were. Norman’s bakes weren’t spectacular but his attitude was just so lovely. If we had to choose a surrogate grandpa, Norman would most definitely make the cut. Fingers crossed he’s still working on his memoir…

The One Who Is Your Baking Spirit Animal

Iain Watters (Series 5)

Everyone remembers where they were when the now infamous #Bincident went down. Yep, cast your mind back to Series 5 when Diana took Iain’s Baked Alaska out of the freezer so she could fit hers in. Cue Iain chucking it in the bin in a fit of anger that just confirmed to us that he was our baking spirit animal.

The One Who Gives Us Hair Envy

Chetna Makan (Series 5)

Chetna had us seriously considering asking our hairstylist for silver hair with a sweeping fringe AND she wowed us with her inventive and quite frankly, delicious sounding bakes. Come back Chetna, we love you!

The One Badass Baker

Ruby Tandoh (Series 4)

After impressing the judges on her way to first place, Ruby proved herself to be the most badass baker ever by slamming rumours that she had enjoyed a forbidden tryst with Paul Hollywood by coming out as gay in the best way ever, revealing the news on Twitter with a Youtube link to Diana Ross' I'm Coming Out.

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