Meet the class of bakers competing in the Great British Bake Off 2018

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  • From the presenters to judges, here's everything to know...

    It has been almost a year since the Great British Bake Off left our screens, and already we need more.

    Last year’s series was particularly controversial – the first season since the move from BBC to Channel 4, with the move seeing the cult show lose its figure head Mary Berry and presenting duo/ national treasures Mel and Sue.

    But despite the whole world – us included – bracing ourselves for the worst, the show’s addition of Sandi Togsvik and Noel Fielding as presenters and Prue Leith stepping into Mary Berry’s shoes, actually proved excellent TV.

    So now that we can all agree that the new Great British Bake Off  formula is a smash hit, we want to know when it will be returning to our screens, and what can we expect from the upcoming series.

    Here’s everything we know so far…

    When will Great British Bake Off 2018 be starting?

    Well, it looks like we won’t have long to wait. This season’s Bake Off will return to our screens on 28th August 2018, with its spin off show An Extra Slice also reported to be starting that week.

    The Great British Bake Off. Coming soon to a screen near you. #GBBO

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    Who are the bakers on Great British Bake Off 2018?

    2018’s batch of bakers has just been announced and it’s all very exciting.

    Great British Bake Off 2018 contestants:

    Antony GBBO

    ‘Antony’s dedication to research is like our knead for puns. In a single trip to Paris he once tasted 50 choux buns. #GBBO’

    Briony GBBO

    ‘Briony comes from Bristol and her passion is puff pastry. She learns techniques from the Internet to keep her baking tasty. #GBBO’

    Terry GBBO

    ‘Terry’s a retired air steward with a background in fine art. He hopes to fly high in the tent and bake a damn fine tart. #GBBO’

    Ruby GBBO

    ‘Ruby’s time at university kicked off her love of baking. Compared with seven housemates to feed, Bake Off isn’t such an undertaking! #GBBO’

    Rahul GBBO

    ‘Rahul is a research scientist with an ‘East meets West’ style of baking. His huge attention to detail means his cakes could be structurally breathtaking. #GBBO’

    Manon GBBO

    ‘Manon was inspired to bake by London after moving there from France. She was quickly hooked on Bake Off, it was love at first glance. #GBBO’

    Luke GBBO

    ‘Luke works as a civil servant plus a house and techno DJ. The tent could host a massive rave if he manages to get his way. #GBBO’

    Kim-Joy GBBO

    ‘Kim-Joy’s birthday is on World Baking Day, so she was clearly born to bake. For that fact alone, she deserves a Hollywood Handshake. #GBBO’

    Karen GBBO

    ‘Karen’s love of baking started when she lived in France. She now makes foot-long éclairs and delicious lemon tarts! #GBBO’

    Jon GBBO

    ‘Welshman Jon loves family life and wears Hawaiian shirts. Dress sense doesn’t matter when you make nice desserts! #GBBO’

    Imelda GBBO

    ‘Imelda is a recreation officer who comes from County Tyrone. She excels at baking soda bread but can she make a scone? #GBBO’

    Dan GBBO

    ‘Dan believes baking is about the quest for perfection. When he creates a bake he’s proud of, he has a huge sense of relief. #GBBO’

    Who is presenting Great British Bake Off 2018?

    Judging by this season’s Bake Off trailers, Sandi Togsvik and Noel Fielding are back at the show’s helm, so we can expect a lot of jazzy shirts and puns about iced buns.

    ‘Last year we were under an enormous amount of pressure to not ruin this sacred show that everyone loved, so we weren’t as worried about the bakers, we were just trying to make sure we didn’t destroy our own careers,’ Noel explained of the experience the year before. ‘We were like, let’s get in, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll set fire to the tent and leg it.’

    Thankfully it looks like it worked and they’ve been asked back – although judging by the video footage it looks like Noel has had a haircut.

    Weather update: it’s still baking out there. #GBBO #heatwave

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    Who are the judges on Great British Bake Off 2018?

    Baking expert Paul Hollywood, 52, has been one of the show’s judges since GBBO began, joined this year by Prue Leith, 78-year-old renowned restauranteur who came onto the Bake Off scene last year.

    While viewers were initially sad to bid farewell to Mary and Paul’s jokey banter, everyone is relieved to see that Paul and Prue have struck up a sweet friendship of their own.

    ‘He helped me find my feet and I have learned such a lot from him,’ Prue explained of her fellow judge. ‘He is an absolute genius when he sums up the judging with few words. Whereas I go round the houses with lots of words, so I have tried to pick up on his critique and absorb it. I am not as good as him, but I think I am getting there.’

    She continued: ‘We are so settled into our roles. Paul and I have a really good relationship, I followed his lead but now it’s very even handed. He has been absolutely sweet and so professional to work with.’

    Where is GBBO filmed?

    Great British Bake Off has been filmed in the same place for years, even after it was moved from BBC to Channel 4.

    But where is the iconic tent erected? On the estate of Welford Park, in Newbury, Berkshire – like always. And the best news? When the show isn’t filming its ten week series, you can explore it yourself.

    We cannot wait for this.

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