The actual cost of Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse will make you lightheaded


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It's hard to miss the fact that the Barbie movie is almost here. Greta Gerwig's film about the iconic Mattel doll is set to hit screens next week, and in the run-up to the release Barbiemania has well and truly taken over. 

From the unstoppable Barbiecore trend to the hilarious cast interviews, it's all anyone can talk about right now (other than Oppenheimer, of course). 

So it's understandable that when Airbnb revealed that they would be giving fans the chance to stay at an actual Barbie Dreamhouse in Malibu, there was a collective plastic fantastic frenzy. 

The bright pink beach mansion in Malibu boasts a barbecue and bar area, infinity pool, outdoor dance floor and a floor-to-ceiling cerise bedroom - plus the overnight stay includes dance lessons with an actual Ken. 

Barbie house Airbnb

(Image credit: Mattel / Airbnb)

One Malibu brokerage has now shared just how much it would cost to buy the property - and prepare yourself, because Barbie dollars won't quite cut it. 

Experts at RubyHome came up with the valuation by comparing the average prices of similar homes in the area, with comparable amenities. They also added a 10% premium given that this particular home is one-of-a-kind. 

The Airbnb listing is a bright pink 3,500 square foot property complete with Barbie furnishings and those dreamy ocean views. The interior was designed by Jonathan Adler, and it is described as 'placed perfectly above the beach with panoramic views, this life-size toy pink mansion is a dream come true!'

Similar homes in the area often come with a price tag of around $9.1 million (£7.21m) - but if you take into consideration the fact that Barbie's name is attached to it, it could potentially go on the market for a staggering $10 million (£7.93m).

As a rental, the Mattel Doll could hypothetically expect tenants to pay a whopping $77,412 (or £55,416) per month.

So what would you need to get your hand on the property? Just a casual £1.57m a year salary. 

The home is not currently on the market, and is privately owned, but is being used to house fans who enter the competition with Airbnb. 

CEO of RubyHome Tony Mariotti said: "Barbie’s marketing has been everywhere this summer. In the build-up to the movie’s release, this unique property appeared on Airbnb, leading eager fans to rush to glimpse the real-life dollhouse, complete with a maximalist Barbie-themed interior. 

"While it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, the 3,500 square foot space, views of the Pacific Ocean, private pool, and totally unique design result in a hefty price tag for the property. It will be fascinating to see how much demand the Airbnb listing creates over the two nights it’s open to guests."

The winners will be some very lucky Barbie fans!

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