Netflix Have Just Announced Their 2016 Schedule…

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  • There’s literally no reason to leave the house, ever.

    Winter is still lingering which means duvet days aplenty and lots of time spent eating pizza in our PJs. Luckily Netflix have realised that these conditions are conducive to binge-watching, and there’s a whole heap of really great telly on our, erm, laptops for the foreseeable future. Also, the streaming giant isn’t deleting anything much from its servers this year, so most of your old favourites are still around. (Double-win!)

    Here’s our rundown of the best picks on Netflix in 2016:

    Love – February 19th
    A Netflix exclusive, Love is directed by rom-com mastermind Judd Apatow and follows the usual premise of a nerdy guy trying desperately to get the girl. Judging from the trailer, this one looks like it might have struck the balance between hilarious and hip so we’ll deffs be tuning in.

    Special Correspondents, April 29th

    Ricky’s back, people! In January Netflix announced they would exclusively premiere a new movie written, directed and starring the brilliant Ricky Gervais. Called Special Correspondents (and also starring Erica Bana from The Time Traveller’s Wife), the film’s about a radio journalist who starts creating fake war reports from a restaurant in NYC. We’re deffs scheduling this one in for Spring…

    The Get Down, August 12th
    Directed by the legendary Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down is a hip-hop drama series comprised of thirteen hour-long episodes with Jaden Smith who stars as Marcus ‘Dizzee’ Kipling a graffiti artist from the Bronx.

    Orange Is The New Black, June 17th
    The award-winning prison drama is back for the fourth series at the start of summer and we can’t wait to find out what the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary have been up to. Let’s hope there’s many more seasons to come.

    May 5th
    As proved with Colombian drug-drama Narcos, Netflix does foreign entertainment really well. Marseille is a French series focused on the mayor of the city who gets sucked into its seedy underbelly whilst trying to tackle crime. We love feeling cultural as we binge-watch, and with this series we can brush up on our language skills too. The first season (from French TV) hits Netflix in May.

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, April 15th
    Need your Tina Fey fix? Well you’re in luck because she’s back with this sitcom about a woman rebuilding her life after being part of a cult. The first season came out in March 2015 and was very popular in the US so if you’re after an addictive new show this could be perfect. Here’s the trailer for season 2:

    We Need To Talk About Kevin, January
    This nail-biting thriller about Tilda Swinton’s son (Ezra Miller) who looks set to become a school shooter still feels very culturally relevant. This is one of the best old releases to hit Netflix, we reckon.

    Stranger Things, July 15th
    We are still in love with Winona Ryder from Girl Interrupted, and now she’s back with this supernatural spook-fest. A love letter to the 1980s classics which had us all hooked, Stranger Things is set in 1983s Indiana, where a young boy vanishes into thin air. The whole town becomes engulfed by the investigation to try and find him and things start to get even stranger with the interference of one strange little girl…

    Meet The Fockers, January
    This follow-up to the Jay Roach-directed Meet The Parents had us laughing back in 2004 so we’re pretty sure it’s still funny. It stars Ben Stiller, Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman, after all.

    War Machine, Spring

    Starring Brad Pitt and Will Poulter, this film is inspired by the best-selling book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan by Michael Hastings. The movie’s about a maverick general with a terrifying rep (Pitt) who ends up in command of group of soldiers during the American war in Afghanistan. Sounds pretty gripping – and any excuse to watch more Brad sounds good to us.

    The Crown, Spring
    This royal drama series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth and is comprised of 10 hour-long episodes. It also stars Matt Smith, of BBC’s Doctor Who fame who plays a young Prince Philip.

    Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, January

    Yes there’s a Bring It On Sequel, and yes it’s actually worth watching. Christina Milian plays the head cheerleader who stages a spectacular cheer-off against a rival squad led by Holland Roden (Teen Wolf).

    Pride & Prejudice, January
    Your rom-com cravings will be well and truly satisfied with this period drama. Matthew Macfadyen plays Mr. Darcy in the most famous Jane Austen tale ever and Keira Knightley is the unlucky in love and Lizzy Bennet.

    Chelsea Does, January 22nd

    US comedian Chelsea Handler (who used to have her own chat show on E!) has landed her own four-part docu-series on Netflix and we reckon it’s going to be brilliant. Although Netflix have kept the details very hush-hush, rumour has it that Chelsea will be covering serious issues in four different films ranging from drugs, racism, death and marriage.

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