A comprehensive ranking of every autumnal Netflix film in your queue

Cue the pumpkin spiced lattes and OTT decor...

The Princess Switch
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Cue the pumpkin spiced lattes and OTT decor...

October is officially here and while some might criticise us for being premature, Autumn is on its way.

If the pumpkin spiced lattes, burnt orange outerwear and influx in falling leaves Instas weren’t convincing enough, Netflix has ensured that we all know about the change of season.

How? By doing what they do best - making so many seasonal films that there are quite literally no plots left.

Yes, autumn seems to be on steroids this year, judging by our Netflix queues - and we’re here for it.

Whether you’re looking to see an heiress take over a pumpkin patch that has fallen on hard times and turn it into a beauty empire or witness a nanny discover her love of her boss on Halloween night, Netflix has got it all.

The movies tend to follow the same winning formula, with most of them featuring some form of quarter-life crisis, an out of town break to somewhere that has a lot of pumpkin patches and barn dances, extremely extra Halloween garden displays and of course a rogue animal cameo (yes, I am mainly talking about the goat in Falling Inn Love).

And while none of these films pretend to be Academy Award winners, some are definitely more worth your time than others.

But which will be enjoyable over a slice of pumpkin pie and which will waste an hour and a half of your life that you will never get back?

Here’s our rundown…

Holiday In The Wild

Plot: Kate (Kristin Davis) goes on her second honeymoon to Africa by herself after getting left by her husband. There by chance, she falls in love with a pilot (Rob Lowe), rediscovers her career as a vet and spends time nursing elephants to health.

Recognisable cast members: Kristin Davis (Charlotte from SATC) and Rob Lowe Festive rating: 3/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 3/5 pumpkins

Autumn Dreams

Plot: Two childhood sweethearts who married during adolescence are forced to come face to face years after their annulment when they find out they're still legally husband and wife. With a clock ticking to get the paperwork before each of their own separate weddings, the two are forced to spend autumn together.

Recognisable cast members: Colin Egglesfield (Dex from Something Borrowed) Festive rating: 4/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Harvest Moon

Plot: When heiress Jennifer's family goes bankrupt, the only property to her name is a struggling pumpkin farm. While it's a rocky start, with the farm manager Brett taking against her, Jennifer tries to resurrect the farm and turn it into a pumpkin beauty empire.

Recognisable cast members: Jessy Schram (Cinderella in Once Upon A Time) Festive rating: 5/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Falling Inn Love

Plot: A businesswoman from San Francisco accidentally wins a New Zealand inn, trading in her former life to move to the derelict property with the help of a very handsome contractor and a hilarious pet goat.

Recognisable cast members: Christina Milian Festive rating: 3/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 3/5 pumpkins

October Kiss

Plot: Poppy tries to commit to something in her life for once, joining a struggling family as their nanny. From making Halloween costumes to Thanksgiving meals, Poppy turns the family around, bringing the children and their work-obsessed father together for Autumn.

Recognisable cast members: Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother) Festive rating: 5/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 4/5 pumpkins

Date with Love

Plot: A teenager sends his celebrity crush a prom proposal video online and after it goes viral, the celeb in question who is in need of some good publicity, goes to his town to say yes. During her autumnal stay in the small town however, Poppy starts to fall in love with his teacher instead.

Recognisable cast members: Shenae Grimes (Annie from 90210) Festive rating: 2/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 2/5 pumpkins

Ms. Matched

Plot: A wedding planner (Alexa PenaVega) is on top of her career game, when she is forced to spend Autumn with a financial adviser rival whose aim is to stop people spending their money on their nuptials. Unsurprisingly, as with all good (bad) Netflix films, the two rivals find out they have much more in common than they thought.

Recognisable cast members: Alexa PenaVega (Carmen from Spy Kids) Festive rating: 2/5 pumpkins Quality rating: 1/5 pumpkins

Happy watching!

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