Ten actors you never knew could sing

And we're just over here, being dragged off the stage at karaoke...

actors who can sing
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And we're just over here, being dragged off the stage at karaoke...

This year is proving to be a musical one for the film industry with movies like La La Land and Beauty and the Beast sweeping awards ceremonies.

Obviously, great musicals require great singers and it turns out Hollywood is packed full of actors who can really hold a tune. Don’t be surprised if you get sucked into a back-to-back marathon over the weekend though...

Emma Stone

After La La Land directors Justin Hurwitz and Damien Chazelle were somewhere in the crowd at one of Emma Stone’s Cabaret performances on Broadway, she was convinced she’d lost the role because of a cold. However, there was something in her humble sultry tones that had them (and the rest of the world) hooked. We couldn’t imagine a better Mia... And La La Land is now out to own, swoon.

actors who can sing

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Jennifer Lawrence

As if she wasn’t talented enough already, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence added another string to her bow in Mockingjay Part 1. She sang the dark lullaby The Hanging Tree and while she was horrified to learn she wasn’t going to be dubbed, the song still managed to climb to the number one spot internationally. Is there anything she can’t do?

actors who can sing

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Jared Leto

Not every actor makes the smooth transition to music, but Jared Leto hit this one on the head. After taking a break from acting, the Suicide Squad actor formed the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars with his brother in 2002. With four albums to their name and over 15 million copies sold, his Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club must look mighty cosy next to his musical accolades.

actors who can sing

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Jackie Chan

Because what complements martial arts better than opera? Yes that’s right, Jackie's had a pretty successful music career and has produced 20 albums and over 100 songs. Trained from an early age at the Peking Opera School, Chan first began producing music in the 80s. He also voiced Captain Shang in the Cantonese and Mandarin versions of Mulan and you know what that means – a rousing chorus of I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Cue the over the top music video.

actors who can sing

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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson released an album in 2008 to great critical acclaim, impressing fans with her velvety pipes, and has dipped in and out of music since then. She and Joaquin Phoenix shared a sweet little duet in Her with the Academy-nominated tune The Moon Song and also collaborated with Mark Ronson on Trust In Me for The Jungle Book. More recently, she plays a rocking porcupine in the recent animated feature SING.

actors who can sing

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. first revealed his singing talents in 2001, when he played Ally McBeal’s charming (yet infuriating) lover and captured hearts with a soulful rendition of a Sting tune. Funnily enough, Sting and Iron Man are actually best pals and even took to the stage again to celebrate Downey Jr’s 60th Birthday. Does anybody else find it unnerving how similar their singing voices are?

actors who can sing

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Meryl Streep

With three Academy Awards and nine Golden Globes to her name, we weren’t surprised to discover Meryl Streep was a trained opera singer. It was only in recent years that she took her talent to the screen in a run of singing roles for Mamma Mia, Into the Woods and Ricki and The Flash.

actors who can sing

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Taron Egerton

The young heartthrob never thought he had the ability to sing until he was cast as the lead in a musical while at drama school – and he never looked back. As Johnny the Gorilla in SING, he covers songs by Sam Smith and John Legend and to be honest he gives them a good run for his money.

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Robert Pattinson

If you manage to see beyond his chiselled jaw, you may have noticed the melodic tunes of his voice in the soundtrack for Twilight. Proficient in both piano and guitar, the actor has continued to dabble in the musical arts alongside his acting career.

actors who can sing

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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling had taken to the mic long before he dazzled us with his smooth jazz in La La Land. Joining The Mickey Mouse Club revival at the tender age of 12, Ryan sang alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney and Christina Aguilera.

actors who can sing

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There's so many multi-talented actors in Hollywood nowadays and it's thrilling to see that there's a few more new musical movies lined up this year including the gorgeous Mexican fantasy Coco and sequel to everyone's favourite a cappella film franchise Pitch Perfect 3. Who knows, maybe we'll see more of these actors making the transition from film to Broadway sometime soon...

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