9 Things You Might Not Know About Orange Is The New Black

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  • Can't wait for Orange Is The New Black: Season Three? Whether you're bang up-to-date or currently binge-watching to keep up; here's a few things you may not have realised about your favourite Netflix show...

    1. Taylor Schilling only had to audition once for the part of Piper. ‘Some people think she’s whiny, I think that’s missing the point,’ she told us. ‘I love how imperfect she is, that she’s not necessarily likeable, that I can explore the parts of her that are scared and selfish as well as warm and loving.’

    2. Laura Prepon normally has blonde hair. A natural brunette, she went red (for That 70s Show) then blonde, but now kind of loves her goth black tresses. ‘I like to be able to transform into my characters and this character was totally rockabilly badass,’ she told People magazine.

    3. The song, ‘You’ve Got Time’, from the opening credits was written and performed especially for the show by US singer/songwriter Regina Spektor. It was later nominated for a Grammy.

    4. Former ‘Brat Pack’ actor (Pretty In Pink! Mannequin!) Andrew McCarthy directed four of the episodes in the current, second series. Watch out for the cardboard cut out of him that appears in a flashback scene. Talk about doing a Hitchcock…

    5. Recognise the actress who plays Red (Kate Mulgrew)? Chances are you’ve seen her before – as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek, minus the Russian matriarch accent, obvs.

    6. Red and Piper (well, the actresses who play them) have actually met before. They played mother and daughter in ill-fated US medical drama series Mercy in 2009.

    7. Uzo Aduba AKA Crazy Eyes looks nowhere near as crazy in real life. She’s actually a bit of a glamour puss. Look!

    8. Jodie Foster directed the first episode of season two, ‘Lesbian Request Denied,’ and has since been nominated for an Emmy. ‘They don’t tell you what episode you’re shooting so it’s a wonderful exercise and meditation in letting go because you have no idea what you’re doing. I’d never done TV before,’ she told Hollywood Reporter.

    9. The cast have a lot of LOLs when the camera stops rolling. Check out their Instagram accounts for more proof…

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