6 Reasons Why Gia Is The Coolest Coppola

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  • Move over Sofia; meet the latest Coppola to make her mark on the movie world.

    Her cool new coming of age film – Palo Alto – is based on James Franco’s book and is the first time the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola has stepped behind the camera. This is why she’s simply the coolest Coppola on the scene:

    She is living proof that you definitely should meet your idols.

    ‘I was always a big James Franco fan. After studying photography at Bard College in New York, I sent him some of my pictures, then he sent me his book, Palo Alto, about teenagers, to see if I wanted to direct the film. It’s a good subject for a first-time director. Everything I was dealing with was new and scary, which felt a lot like becoming a teenager. And at 24, I really didn’t have any other story to tell.

    She’s embraces, rather than shuns the family name (well you would, wouldn’t you?)

    ‘It’s hard not to be impressed by my older relatives. Growing up on set was educational. When I was at school I was only allowed to visit for a few days at a time, which always frustrated me. As soon as I finished college I joined my grandpa (Frances Ford Coppola) on set of (2011 horror thriller) Twixt from start to finish filming behind-the-scenes.’

    She actually used to have a poster of The Virgin Suicides on her bedroom wall.

    ‘My mum was so sad when I went to college she kept my bedroom as I left it. On the wall is a poster of The Virgin Suicides (directed by her aunt, Sofia Coppola) and we actually used the room as Emma Roberts’ character’s bedroom in Palo Alto. I was 14 when that film came out and it meant so much to me.’

    She ain’t no green juice glugging LA gal.

    ‘My family get so mad at me when they come over. All I’ll have in is milk and eggs. I mainly keep film in my fridge – it’s better for it, it stops it from going old. I’m bad at eating healthy; I usually just run across the street and get cheeseburgers.’

    She’s a red carpet breath of fresh air.

    ‘I really don’t like make-up. I grew up hanging around with boys so to be girly doesn’t work. If I’m going to wear anything I’ll just smudge YSL’s shimmery brown eyeliner around my eye. Whenever I look at myself and I have too much make up on I regret it. Superga sneakers are all I ever really want to wear. They’re just comfortable shoes that break in easily.’

    She likes to keep it real.

    ‘I cancelled cable because my boyfriend was too addicted to TV. My only vice is Keeping up With The Kardashians. I can’t really explain what it is that fascinates me so much, but it just sucks me in. I’m a big Kanye West fan.’

    Palo Alto directed by Gia Coppola is in cinemas from 3 October.

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