The Most Egotistical NME Award Speeches EVER

From the self-centred to the downright rude, here are the NME Award acceptance speeches that make the annual bash one of our favourites.

Whether it’s claiming they’ve influenced everyone in the room, or just saying f*ck yeah and walking off, here are the most egotistical NME Award speeches we love to watch again and again. Oh, and be warned, some of these unsurprisingly have very bad language in…

Arctic Monkeys in 2013
Noel Gallagher in 2012
MGMT in 2009
Arctic Monkeys in 2006
Bob Geldof in 2006

Bob G accepted an NME Award from Rusell Brand only to call him a very, very

The Libertines in 2004

When The Libertines won their NME Award Pete Doherty decided that instead of saying ‘thank you’ he’d recite some poetry with fellow frontman Carl Barât. After performing Suicide In The Trenches

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