How did we actually survive without this new iPhone hack?

Minds blown.

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Minds blown.

Words by Emily Lambe

Food blogger and now certified genius, Krissy Brierre-Davis, discovered an iPhone hack that sent Twitter into shock.

Last Saturday, the Atlanta-based blogger stumbled upon a hack that makes moving the cursor way easier. Just click and hold the space bar instead of trying to drag it manually.

'How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? I feel duped,' she tweeted with a screenshot of her discovery.

'I thought I was an idiot for never having discovered this gem myself,' Brierre-Davis told BuzzFeed News. 'My mind was blown. Literally.'

The hack isn't just limited to the space bar. You can press anywhere on the keyboard for it to work, according to one user.

And it doesn't stop there! Pressing down while holding the cursor makes highlighting easier as well.

Apparently, we've been sleeping on this for three years. The 3D Touch feature was introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6s.

It's safe to say most of us feel pretty shocked by this monumental discovery. 'This is LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION,' a user tweeted. Even Mike Issac, a Technology Reporter for the New York Times, is amazed. He tweeted, 'this just changed my entire life.'

Well, it's safe to say this new iPhone discovery has changed the way we type forever, but how on earth did we not notice this before?

Be right back - off to look up new hacks!

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