13 Apps That Will Instantly Cure Christmas Cabin Fever

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  • You've opened all your presents, eaten your last chocolate coin, and are slowly losing the will to live... Let's face it, Christmas cabin fever affects even the most festive among us. But don't despair: just whip out your phone and all will be well again. Trust us.

    1. Magisto

    Endless productive fun with this easy-to-use video-editing app that’ll have you feeling like Spielberg.

    iOS and Android, Free

    Who knows what potential hotties could be hiding in your hometown? That guy from the year above that you never had the nerve to speak to? Swipe right immediately. Play with your sister for added amusement.
    iOS and Android, Free

    3. My Talking Pet

    Run out of things to say to your family? Wish you could talk to your pet instead? Well this is about as close as you’re ever going to get. Just take a photo of your furry friend, speak into the phone in your best animal voice, and get ready for hours of playback joy. Beats Downton, hands down.
    iOS, £1.49 

    4. Ski Safari

    Wish you were enjoying a white Christmas on the slopes? Well this is (almost) the same thing. This ridiculously addictive game turns you into Sven, a skier trying to outrun an avalanche – with the help of Yetis, penguins and eagles. Be warned, your younger brother may try to wrestle the phone from your hands when he realises how fun this is.

    iOS and Android, £0.79

    5. Shazam

    If your dad’s Christmas playlist has thrown up some old classics that you just can’t place, or you heard an amazing song during your local pub sesh on Christmas Eve, then you need Shazam. It identifies tracks, then enables you to buy them, watch the YouTube videos or start them playing in Spotify. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

    iOS and Android, Free

    6. Tinycards

    Do you feel like your brain has turned to Christmas pudding mush? This app, from the company behind the language-learning app Duolingo, will help you feel like a total brainbox again.
    iOS and Android, Free

    7. Snapchat
    If you still haven’t got Snapchat yet, then download it now (and make your friends do the same). Nothing will improve your Boxing Day blues faster than exchanging hilarious snaps and videos of each other in your Christmas onesies with rainbow vomit coming out of your mouth. And don’t worry about anything popping up on Facebook – the evidence will be destroyed instantly. Unless your friend takes a screengrab, that is…

    iOS and Android, Free

    8. BorrowMyDoggy

    Okay, it’s not an app, but we’re obsessed with this new site. It matches dog owners with local borrowers for walks, playdays and sleepovers. It’s simple, safe, and free to sign up. So if you dream of owning your own pooch but have never quite been able to fit it in with your hectic lifestyle, this is your chance to spend some quality doggy time.

    9. TED

    Californian conference Ted is famous for its thought-provoking technology talks. Previous speakers have included Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg. With this app you’ll be able to access every single talk all in one place.
    iOS and Android, Free

    10. Words With Friends

    This is basically Scrabble, and it’s surprisingly addictive. Invite your friends to join and prepare for some serious competition.
    iOS and Android, Free

    11. TRAKTOR DJ

    Bored out of your mind? Why not use the lull between Christmas and the New Year effectively, by planning your NYE party playlist? This app turns songs into waveforms to be mixed and scratched. Perfect for a house party.
    iPhone/ iPad, £7.99

    12. Periscope

    The live stream video app will have you watching the most random of stuff happening around the world so you won’t feel alone in your boredom.
    iOS and Android, Free

    13. FaceRig

    Bored of looking at your family’s faces yet? Check out this app, which similarly to MSQRD, will take total control of your face and morph you into anything from a fox to a cheeseburger.
    iOS and Android, Free

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