These 2018 Marie Claire influencers are breaking the mould

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  • This year, Marie Claire’s Verified power list is a celebration of influencers using their voices as a force for good, proving that true influence is more than just a numbers game

    Authenticity is this year’s buzzword and never has it been more powerful on social media. The age of mindless selfies and humble bragging is over; bigger isn’t always better and the era of micro-influencers has ushered in a ‘quality over quantity’ approach, whereby genuine engagement and meaningful change trumps huge follower counts.

    With this in mind, Marie Claire’s Verified power list 2018 is a celebration not just of scale but of impact; an ode to those women using their platforms for good. Take 26-year-old Irish-Palestinian civil engineer and beauty blogger Ella H, who launched
    @authenticallyella in 2016 to encourage more women into engineering careers. ‘Less than 15 per cent of the construction industry is female. I post a mix of beauty tips and engineering talk because the two are not mutually exclusive,’ she says.

    With her Warrior Woman Project, Natalie Lee, aka @stylemesunday, 38, from east London, uses her platform to question conventional notions of beauty. ‘It made me feel vulnerable opening myself up to criticism from strangers, but there was strength in it,’ she says. ‘One woman told me she wore shorts for the first time in ten years after being inspired by my social media.’

    These influencers are campaigning for genuine change, such as trans-rights activist Charlie Craggs @charlie_craggs, who says, ‘If you’re lucky enough to have a voice, use it for those that don’t. Because silence is complicity, and it speaks volumes.’ This is why Anna Whitehouse uses her no-nonsense parenting platform @mother_pukka to tirelessly campaign for flexible working for parents everywhere. ‘At first, I didn’t feel qualified to run a campaign,’ she says, ‘but now I’m driven by the number of women I hear from daily who are being lopped out of the workforce for procreating. That’s what gets me flash mobbing in the streets.’

    Meet the social powerhouses we think are making a noise worth hearing this year.

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