What you didn’t know about getting the A-list to the Oscars red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the 2024 Academy Awards
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From foam-filled portable wardrobes to security guards being handcuffed to celebrity jewellery cases, 365 Aviation tells us all…

The 2024 Oscars are underway, with A-listers flocking to LA's Dolby Theatre to celebrate the past year in film. 

Yes, the Oscars red carpet is expected be star-studded, and from the most expensive dress of all time to the intel on renting diamonds, a lot goes into making the Academy Awards one of the most glamorous evenings of the year.

According to private charter specialist, 365 Aviation, responsible for transporting numerous celebrities around the world (along with their couture gowns and high value jewellery), the behind the scenes prep is all about quick turn arounds and a lot of security.

As 365 Aviation enters its busiest (and most stressful) time, they tell us what they’re expecting to see in the Oscars run up. According to them, portable wardrobes filled with protective foam and security guards handcuffed to jewellery cases are just the beginning…

Saniyya Sidney attends the 94th annual Academy Awards

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Security guards handcuffed to jewellery boxes

"365 Aviation were responsible for getting a leading actress to the Oscars. Jewellery was loaned by a leading London Jewellery House who sent the items to the airport by Range Rover. The actress then travelled via private jet alongside a security guard who was handcuffed to the jewellery case."

Portable foam-filled wardrobes

"It’s not unusual for a couture gown to cost more than the charter flight. 365 Aviation goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure its clients high value items arrive in as pristine a state as their clients. Cardboard wardrobes are filled with foam and mesh to protect dresses that run into hundreds of thousands of pounds and which frequently have to travel in the main cabin to ensure they are not damaged in the hold."

On-board dress fitters

"At times, 365 Aviation has been asked by European design houses to fly dresses out to Oscar nominated actresses in LA via private jet. The dresses are flown in specially designed airtight boxes, often with the design houses’ own fitters onboard as no one else is allowed to alter or work on the dresses."

In-flight treatments

"Hair, make up and in-flight beauty treatments are regular requests for 365 Aviation’s team and they have built up a little black book of some of the best mobile therapists in the world who make themselves available at a moment’s notice. 365 Aviation has even arranged for a masseuse to accompany an actress on a 22-day media tour around the world."

Quick turn arounds

"Life doesn’t stop for the Oscars and 365 Aviation has even had to turn around a jet in just two hours to get an actor home as his wife had gone into labour."

Animal companions

"You only have to look at Instagram to know the A List love their pets! 365 Aviation has become an expert on ensuring that dogs can accompany their owners on both long and short haul flights."

Helicopter landings

"Often actors are filming other movies during the Oscars, meaning they are on a very tight schedule. 365 Aviation is an expert in logistics. With one actor's tight schedule, the company organised a helicopter to get him from a filming location in Battersea to Stansted and then onto an express jet to LA to get him to the Oscars on time."

Well that sounds hectic.

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