Mollie’s Feel-Good Feed: Halloween fever and some must-listen tracks

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  • Halloween celebrations have well and truly hit for Mollie King in this week's column

    Welcome to Mollie’s Feel-Good Feed, a place where each week Mollie King shares her round-up of the things bringing her joy in these strange and uncertain times. Check back each week for uplifting music, self care tips and, hopefully, a smile being put on your face.

    As Halloween approaches, I can promise you I have all treats and no tricks to make you smile as you make your way into November!

    I’ve really thrown myself into the spooky festivities this year, even heading to a pumpkin patch to choose my very own pumpkin! It was such a fun afternoon and I definitely picked a good one, although I can’t say I had quite the same success carving it – who knew it required such skill?

    All that said, this is coming from someone who currently has their finger wrapped in a plaster, having sliced it while cutting an onion. I’m better off out of the kitchen I think. Let’s get back to the things I know more about…


    If you’re an Ariana Grande fan, you’re in luck, as not only is her latest album Positions out today, but she’s celebrated it by releasing her new single of the same name. In typical Grande fashion, it’s all about the soft vocals and subtitles, reminiscent of Thank You, Next and God Is a Woman, and you’ll have it going round and round in your head for days.

    The video has also got everyone talking as she plays the part of the President of the United States (what timing!). Directed by super-director Dave Meyers, this one shows us why Ariana really is the queen of pop!

    Shawn Mendes’ recent release, Wonder, is another one of my favourites from the past few weeks. This refreshingly open song, which he himself says ‘feels like a piece of him has been written down on paper and recorded into song’, gives us an insight into his innermost thoughts. It’s the perfect lead-up to his fourth album, to be released in December – I for one cannot wait!


    Sam Smith is back with their third album, Love Goes, and I can tell you it was 100% worth the wait. After pushing the release date back and rejigging the title, this album gives us everything we love about Sam. Big vocals? Yes! Emotional ballads? Absolutely! Empowering pop lyrics? You already know the answer to this… of course!

    With songs so big you could predict the incredible choruses just from the titles, this album is full of treats as well as some surprises. When you hear the collaborations you just know they were queuing up to be a part of this album! Remember Dancing with A Stranger with Normani, Promises with Calvin Harris and I’m Ready with Demi Lovato? I know you’re thinking this too: that’s a lot of pop power all on one album. Thank you, Sam, for this musical delight and pop triumph!

    TV shows

    Like me, you might have seen this show advertised a few times on the old iPlayer but not quite been sure what it’s about. Love Life is the latest BBC comedy-drama starring Anna Kendrick. It takes us through one girl’s love life, mostly throughout her twenties, seeing her go through heartbreak and love at its peak, with each episode named after the next relationship she’s found herself in. With short, snappy episodes and lovable characters, you’ll fly through this series within a few days – that’s guaranteed!

    Self care

    If you hadn’t already worked it out, I’ve really got into Halloween this year, so for my self-care recommendation I’ve gone for one of my favourite treats – a candle! But, this is not just any candle… (you see where this is going, don’t you!) yes, this is an M&S candle.

    I am absolutely loving their Spiced Pumpkin Scented Light Up Candle. Not only does it make me smile because of the extra gel layer filled with mini pumpkins and starry sequins, it really does smell good and puts you in the mood for snuggling up and watching a few scary movies. You can’t go wrong with that, can you?

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