Chrissy Teigen marks the anniversary of baby son Jack's death with a moving tribute

Chrissy and her husband John Legend lost their son after he was delivered at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen pays tribute to baby son Jack on anniversary of his death
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Chrissy and her husband John Legend lost their son after he was delivered at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

One year ago, Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend experienced the worst kind of pain any parent could endure, with the death of their baby son Jack. After having been admitted to hospital for complications a few times during the pregnancy, at around 20 weeks doctors confirmed the news they had been dreading: Jack was too unwell to survive.

When Jack died, Chrissy bravely faced it head on, sharing the family's sad news with a series of heartbreaking images on social media. "We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before," she wrote.

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend mourning the loss of their son, Jack


Somehow, a whole year has passed since Chrissy and John's difficult loss, and the cookbook author took to Instagram to mark the sad occasion with some moving words. Posting another photograph taken from the hospital, Chrissy followed up a 'sons day' tribute to her son Miles with a dedication to "the son we almost had," Jack.

"And to the son we almost had. A year ago you gave me the greatest pain I could ever imagine to show me I could survive anything, even if I didn’t want to. I didn’t get to take care of you but you came and went to get me to love myself and take care of myself because our bodies are precious and life is a miracle. They told me it would get easier but yeah, that hasn’t started yet. Mom and dad love you forever," she posted.

Chrissy Teigen and her son, Miles


As Chrissy Teigen alludes to in this most recent post, she has found it very difficult to come to terms with the loss of her child. In a candid Instagram post shared in the summer, Chrissy admitted she'd been feeling "slightly down lately."

"It kind of started when I was thinking of my book caption and typed out 'my third baby is here!!', as in cookbook, then realized my third baby will never be here. Then I realized I threw myself into the book to not think of the real, actual third baby."

Chrissy, who is also mum to five-year-old Luna and three-year-old Miles, continued: "I don’t really feel like I fully processed jack and now that I don’t have the alcohol to numb it away, things are just… there, waiting to be acknowledged."

Chrissy Teigen and her daughter, Luna


Although her words are hard to read, there has been widespread appreciation for how open and honest Chrissy has been throughout the whole grieving process. In her latest, anniversary post about Jack, one person wrote: "Thank you for being so open and vulnerable." And that just about sums it up. By laying her own, raw emotions out on the line, Chrissy Teigen is inadvertently helping others to process their own, which is a powerful thing.

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