Have You Heard Of Lissie? The 7 Reasons Why You Need Her On Your iPod

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  • Lissie drinks tequila from the bottle, refuses to shaves her armpits and sounds awesome. She really is one to watch and here's why...

    Shameless, the new single from the Illinois-born singer, has amassed 300k views on YouTube. She sings, ‘I don’t want to be famous if I have to be shameless‚’ Shameless, she is not. She’s controlled, honest and raw, and she’s got a lot to say.

    Here are the 7 things we learned about singer/songwriter Lissie:

    1. Being bullied gave her fire in her belly
    ‘At school, I always felt like I needed to be understood. People always thought they knew me. There were some girls at school who tried to intimidate me and they’d corner me in the hallway. When I was 17, one girl set up an email account to say mean things to me directly. It was better for my character to have struggled because it pushed me. I believe that some of the boredom, angst and hormones [of school] propelled me to really set my sights on music.’

    2. Her Celine Dion phase makes her cringe.
    ‘When I was 14, I really loved Celine Dion. That was when Titanic came out and it was so sad. She had this song called ‚’Falling into you‚’ and there was this line ‚’When you sleep, I will miss you‚’ and I just thought it was so romantic.’

    3. Harry Potter is one of her favourite books.
    ‘If I find something I like, I read it ravenously. I need to care about the people in the story, and I love books about parallel worlds. The magic in Harry Potter was fascinating, like the battle between good and evil because I think that’s in all of us.’

    4. She wears her family’s vintage
    ‘In my Further Away video I wore my dad’s T-shirt and my fans have all been saying, ‘Where did you get that shirt?’ My grandma gave me these really cool shoes that she had and it’s special that they were hers. I like having things in my house, too, that belonged to my family. I feel closer somehow to wear I came from.’

    5. You’ll find her drinking tequila
    ‘Tequila is my choice drink and has been for a long time – my fans know me for it. I know a lot about tequila – it just gets a bad rap because people the drink sh*tty stuff. It makes me feel good but I will always request 100% Agave Tequilla. I sip it, I never shoot it.’

    6. She loves boys.
    ‘I recently met this English guy that I’m sort of smitten with. I’m so boy-crazy – I love boys! But maybe every year or two years I meet someone I really like. I have the emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old and fall in love after a day or two, sometimes.’

    7. Shaving her armpits is not a priority.
    ‘I think everything about me is pretty straightforward. I meet a lot of interesting, handsome guys and I think they like that about me because I think some women think they have to be a certain way. ‘I have hairy legs and hairy armpits‚ I just think hair grows on our bodies and it’s natural. Why do I need to put make-up on and remove my armpit hair. If you want to do it because it makes you feel good, great. I like things to be natural and straightforward and I don’t think that’s boring if it’s accompanied by some opinions and attitude.’


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