If You Don’t Already Love Foxes, This Is Why You SO Should…

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  • Foxes is the hot new female singer-songwriter everyone’s talking about right now and it’s unsurprising given that, since moving to London at the age of 18, she’s worked with award-winning producer Sam Dixon and Fall Out Boy (to name a few), currently has a single in the top 10, and has already got a Grammy to her name. AND she hasn’t even released her debut album yet?

    We caught up with Foxes to get the lowdown on everything from her fashion sense to her music plans, and if you don’t already love her, we guarantee you will after getting to know her a little bit…

    She Got Her Stage Name From Her Mum

    ‘My actual name is Louisa Rose Allen, so I knew after Lily Allen changed her middle name to Rose I should probably find a new name. When I was 13 I wrote a song called ‘Like Foxes Do’; it was a terrible song, but later a friend suggested I change my name to Foxes. I thought it was silly and brushed it off but the name stuck in my head for a few days and after calling my Mum and asking her what she thought of it, she replied: “That’s so weird. Last night I had this dream about all these foxes running up our street and they were making haunting beautiful noises that reminded me of your music.” I then just went with it because mums are mostly always right.’

    Gossip Girl Helped Her Get Signed

    ‘I’m not sure I was ever really discovered. I guess I was just lucky enough to have some people believe in me from the start. Gossip Girl somehow heard my music after I posted a couple of tracks online and ended up using them on two episodes back to back. I couldn’t believe it as I’m a huge fan. I later signed my deal with Sony.’

    Winning A Grammy Hasn’t Gone To Her Head

    ‘I’ve never won anything in my life, not even a scratch card, so it was insane [winning the Grammy]. I’ve had a Grammy on my vision board ever since I can remember. I don’t think it’ll ever really sink in. It’s just the beginning for me so to win something I’ve always dreamed of is insane. I still feel I have a lot to prove with my own music though so this just inspires me to keep working harder.’

    She Gets Her Style Tips From Romy And Michele

    ‘I usually take style tips from films. I’ll watch something like Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion and want to go to the gym in fluffy pink heels. I also lovely Liv Tyler and anything she wore in the 90s, also Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore.’

    Her Songwriting Is Very Personal

    ‘Sometimes I find having some kind of emotional car crash can help me write. It’s always from a really personal place and going through something usually helps me feel inspired. I also have a giant white book that I scribble loads of random thoughts into and then I’ll piece it all together musically.’

    She Skipped The Grammys For A Beer

    ‘The ceremony is a long one and although the whole thing is obviously amazing, me and some of the other Brit acts up for awards ran across the road for a quick beer. I got a frantic call from my manager 10 minutes later to say they were about to call our category out, so we rushed back and weirdly I won! I felt like I was misbehaving on a school trip.’

    Strong Female Artists Are Her Heroes

    ‘I adore strong female musicians as I grew up with my mum and sister who would play Patti Smith, Bjork and Tori Amos endlessly. I love that these artists are timeless and follow their own paths. I sort of feel transported into another world when I listen to them.’

    Her Music Is Everything

    ‘Right now I feel so blessed to be living my dreams, I hope I can say I’m still doing it in years to come. Music is my life so whatever happens I know I’ll always do it. I want to be able to inspire others like the artists that inspired me growing up.’

    Foxes debut album Glorious is out on 12 May 2014 and available to pre-order now.

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