Foxes Talks Her New Single, Breaking World Records And Leaving Mid Grammys To Grab A Beer With Sam Smith

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  • In the space of two years Foxes has won a Grammy, broken a Guinness World Record, toured with Pharrell and has just been announced as an ambassador for the Amy Winehouse’s fair to say she’s been busy.

    We spoke to the artist about her new single, upcoming tour, and possibly being called Pingu…we’re glad she decided on Foxes!

    ‘It was a whirlwind year. I did the first album, and then worked with Zed on my single Clarity. It was quite mad because I’d been going to America a lot to promote the song, and it was number one on the radio out there. It was overwhelming to go from no one hearing your voice to everyone.’

    ‘I’m really honoured to be an ambassador for the Amy Winehouse foundation
    . It’s nice to be part of something good that came out of something so tragic. She’s obviously incredibly talented – I grew up with her music and looked up to her. The situation with everything that happened is heartbreaking. It really upset me and upset the world.’

    ‘I always write really personally. It’s a bit like your diary. I wrote Better Love with Dan from Bastille and it’s really about asking someone to treat you better. It’s about a relationship coming to an end. Now I’m out of the relationship, I can see it wasn’t the healthiest one to be in.’

    ‘I’m doing a mini tour.
    It’s exciting because I haven’t toured any of the new music yet.’

    ‘I chatted to Jay Z and Beyonce at the Grammys and they were lovely. I met Pharrel there too, and then I ended up going on tour with him. It was crazy but lovely to meet people in that environment. I remember six years ago making a vision board and I found it the other day – right in the middle of it was a Grammy. My mum went to me, “You realise you’ve got a Grammy now?”‘

    ‘Sam Smith and Disclosure were at the Grammys the same year.
    Sam was up for an award and he was there with the Disclosure boys. We were running round the ceremony like Brits abroad – I guess Brits are a bit boozy. So we sneaked out and went to the diner across the road – they got burgers, I got a beer. My manager called me and he was like, ‘What are you doing?! You’re one category away.’ It felt like we were naughty school kids. I just downed the beer and ran back.’

    ‘I worked with the Guinness World Records to break the record for the most amount of gigs done in a day. The ticket sales went to a cancer charity called Trekstock. I didn’t think we’d actually be able to pull it off. It was kind of crazy, but in the end we did it – it was the longest day ever.’

    ‘I wanted a name that was a bit weird.
    I called my mum telling her I needed to come up with a new name, and she went really quiet when I suggested Foxes. She told me she’d had a dream a few nights earlier about foxes running up our street and that it was really haunting and beautiful. I went with that idea because you always think your mum’s right – she could have had a dream about penguins, and I’d be called Pingu.’

    ‘I took Adam Richman from Man v. Food for a Nandos.
    I first met him on Celebrity Juice and the episode was just as odd as the night out. It was like putting the most random people in a room and them all just getting along and having a good laugh.’

    Photo Credit: Instagram @adamrichman

    Foxes’ new single Better Love is out this Friday – have a look at the 90s inspired video…

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