Here’s why Miranda Kerr and her fiancé are reportedly not having sex

We wouldn't have predicted that one

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We wouldn't have predicted that one

Miranda Kerr is set to wed Snapchat co-founder, Evan Spiegel, later this year, with the pair announcing their engagement back in July – with a special Snapchat filter of course.

It seems, however, after Miranda dropped some serious hints in a recent interview, that the two might not have actually slept together yet, instead choosing to wait until marriage.

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During an interview with The Times, Miranda described Evan as ‘very traditional’, explaining how she wasn’t planning on having another baby until after they got married, but going on to mention that she wasn’t using contraception.

When the 33 year old Australian model was then asked to clarify whether she and her fiancé were abstaining from sex, she reportedly explained, ‘we can’t…I mean we’re just waiting.’

Miranda, who has a son, Flynn Christopher, with ex husband, Orlando Bloom, has been dating Evan Spiegel since 2015.

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‘We met at a dinner in L.A. for Louis Vuitton and became friends’ she explained in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. ‘We were really good friends for a long time before we started dating.’

She previously spoke about him to The Edit, explaining, ‘He’s 25, but acts like he's 50. He's not out partying. He goes to work in Venice [LA]. He comes home. We don't go out. We'd rather be at home and have dinner, go to bed early.’

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She went on to explain how during the early days of their relationship, ‘it was slow and steady.’

‘I was like “is he even interested?”’ she explained, ‘’but once I let him know I was interested, he was very interested.’

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