Orlando Bloom went paddleboarding naked and everybody is freaking out

The funniest reactions to THAT photo

Orlando Bloom
(Image credit: Orlando Bloom)

The funniest reactions to THAT photo

Anyone who investigated why Orlando Bloom was trending on Twitter yesterday possibly got more than they bargained for.

'I can literally NEVER unsee this!' was the general tone when pictures of Bloom with his girlfriend Katy Perry were leaked online, prompting a flurry of frantic Google searches, tweets and ORLANDO BLOOM NAKED ALERT messages pinging across the internet like pinballs.

For someone nearly always at the mercy of a long-lens photographer, Bloom must have assumed going paddleboarding naked on a public Italian beach with his world-famous popstar girlfriend (who was wearing a bikini) would draw a bit of attention. But he looked pretty relaxed about it. Famous or not, we guess sometimes you just have to get naked.

Others have seen a less funny side - calling out reverse sexism on anyone Googling the pictures. What if this was a female celebrity? Is it OK to objectify men but not women? A question Marie Claire has addressed right here.

But whether you were outraged on Bloom's behalf or you immediately screengrabbed and WhatsApped the photos to your group of friends, here are some of the funniest reactions to Paddleboarding Bloom-gate.


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