Does this mean people can see if you've viewed their Facebook profile?

Is it the update we've all been dreading?

Is it the update we've all been dreading?

It's everyone's biggest fear, discovering that someone will be notified that you were stalking their Facebook profile and had travelled so far back in their timeline that Netflix hadn't even been invented yet (remember those dark days?) and Britney and Justin were still a thing.

It's bad enough that Instagram now notifies people when you screenshot their post, but it seems that Facebook's latest platform update could put an end to our cyber-stalking days.

Thankfully, Facebook hasn't gone all LinkedIn on us yet and won't start giving people literal notifications as to who has checked out their profile and when (PHEW), and they have previously said they have no plans to do so any time soon (PHEW again).

However, the arrival of Facebook stories (much like Snapchat stories, Instagram stories AND WhatsApp stories) does mean we all may have to be a little more cautious when carrying our stealthy stalking sessions.

Just like the story functions on the other social platforms, Facebook stories only last for 24 hours but the story teller can see exactly who has viewed their story. Which means people will be able to see if you begin stalking their stories. So, be warned.

Anyone else tempted to go back to Bebo? Although no doubt Bebo stories will probably roll out soon...