Is Instagram the new Facebook?

Yep, there's ANOTHER way to show everyone what you're doing...

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Yep, there's ANOTHER way to show everyone what you're doing...

Instagram's just launched its biggest and most game-changing update yet. You're now able to broadcast live videos!

How does it work? It's simple — just swipe into the stories camera and switch to 'Live' mode. You don't have to worry about it being shared as it disappears when you've finished recording!

You have control over who sees your broadcasts, which comments are visible and whose videos you're notified about — and you get a three-second countdown before going live!

Bring on the celeb vids...

On 14th December, we wrote...

Hot off the press! The latest Instagram update will allow you to save posts so you can revisit them whenever you like. YES, this means having full-time access to everything from that dream holiday destination to your favourite memes or street style looks.

Your saved posts will now appear in a new tab on your profile and it's exclusively for your eyes only so you don't have to worry about looking like a fashion stalker or just how many Justin Bieber posts you've ended up saving.

This is joyous news since the last Instagram update worried us all. When Instagram recently announced that people would be notified whenever someone has taken a screenshot, we all assumed the worst. Did this suddenly mean that our Instagram crushes would know that we've been screenshotting their holiday snaps, sending them to our sisters like 'this is what vacaying with your future brother-in-law will be like FYI'!?

And, oh god, will our girl crush at work know that you've been screenshotting all her outfits and ferociously sending them to your friends WhatsApp group like 'I NEED THIS.' The list is endless, and worrying as hell. All in all, this was going to be catastrophic.

But, after much research, trial and error (AKA screenshotting our mate's photos then calling them immediately to demand if they'd been notified and then getting a confused and bemused 'what?' back), we've discovered that this update only affects Instagram direct so far, anyway.

Instagram has also released another few updates so that you can turn off comments for certain posts, remove followers (if your account is private) and you can now like comments from your account, too.

When Instagram stories was released, we all divided into three teams: those who jumped ship immediately, those who decided to boycott it altogether (oh hi Kylie Jenner) and others who somehow have the time and energy to do both.

OK, so let us explain because there really isn't a need to worry too much. Basically what it means is that when you receive someone's Instagram story directly (which lasts for 24 hours), they already know you've looked at it because you can see this by default, but now they WILL also be notified when and if you screenshot something from that direct message.

So watch with caution, people. Yes, you can continue to screenshot (ahem, stalk) someone's Instagram page to your heart's content but it might also be safest to save your gossiping for when you're with your coven IRL. Time to go old school...

Delphine Chui