Danny Dyer set to delve further into his ‘royal heritage’

Long live King Danny.

Long live King Danny.

Words by Rebecca Fearn.

Danny Dyer is set to discover more about his ‘royal’ heritage in a new episode of Who Do You Think You Are. In Danny’s initial episode on the series, he mapped his ancestry right back to the 11th century, discovering he was in fact a distant relative of William The Conqueror and had links to King Edward III and Thomas Cromwell.

The 2016 BBC episode showed a stunned Danny reacting to the news, telling cameras: “I can't believe it. I don't know what to say. I need a moment to digest this. A kid from Canning Town is related to Edward III”.

He continued: “It's ridiculous to think that someone of my stature shares the same bloodline. I can't compute it”.

Filming for this follow-up episode has apparently already began, according to The Sun. A source from the BBC told the publication: “The reaction to Danny's episode was huge last time, so bosses thought they should go back and have another look”.

“There is only so much of the genealogy journey you can show in an hour, so viewers will get to have another delve into the deep, dark history of Danny Dyer and Co. He could be like a more accessible Simon Schama and front history shows in his unique Danny Dyer way”.

Now THAT we would pay to see.

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