The baby name most likely to land your little one a job in television

Would you pick a baby name based on the likelihood of a particular profession?

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This year there has been a surge in 'main character energy' baby names, with parents opting to choose bolder monikers for their little ones in place of more traditional names. 

While vintage baby names are still proving popular, it seems that over the next ten years we can expect to hear unusual names becoming more commonplace. 

Parents are looking in all sorts of different places for inspiration - whether it's their favourite films and TV shows or the luckiest baby names

But can the moniker you bestow on your baby determine what job they'll have? 

According to new research, there are certain names that are more likely to work in entertainment, while others predict that the tiny tot could one day be in the health and fitness industry. 

Furniture suppliers Furniture At Work used LinkedIn data to find out which careers are most common for particular names in the UK - and even predicted just how much the little ones could earn when they join the workplace. By searching to see how many people with each name were working in these industries, they were able to calculate the percentage of employees with each moniker.

It found that the name Mateo is most likely to be found in technology, information and media roles, while Levis are found in retail careers. 

Within the entertainment industry, you will likely find the Noahs and Olivers, while Mias will be found in advertising.

So what did the data find when it comes to names and professions? 

Take a look...

Most likely careers for these popular baby names

  • Liam - top profession: construction
  • Noah - top profession: entertainment
  • Oliver - top profession: entertainment
  • Elija - top profession: entertainment
  • Mateo - top profession: technology, information and media 
  • Lucas - top profession: entertainment
  • Levi - top profession: retail 
  • Asher - top profession: entertainment
  • James - top profession: construction
  • Leo - top profession: advertising
  • Olivia - top profession: advertising
  • Emma - top profession: advertising
  • Amelia - top profession: hospitality 
  • Ava - top profession: advertising
  • Sophie - top profession: advertising
  • Isabella - top profession: health and fitness
  • Luna - top profession: hospitality 
  • Mia - top profession: advertising
  • Charlotte - top profession: hospitals and healthcare
  • Evelyn - top profession: hospitals and healthcare

The data also found that Mateos were most likely to earn the most, with an average salary of £47,262 . For the girls names, Evelyns came out on top, albeit with a significantly lower figure of £29,714 .

Would you pick a baby name based on the likelihood of a particular profession?

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