Adorable quotes from 6 on-screen couples who love each other in real life

So many feelings right now…

Leo and Kate
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So many feelings right now…

We will never stop loving our favourite on-screen couples - often buying into their chemistry so much that the news that they're not together in real life comes as a devastating blow - even worse when it emerges that they actually can’t stand each other – we’re looking at you Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Anyone can 'make nice' and banter with a co-star, but only very few actually manage to find their 'cinematic soulmate'.

The term, coined by Drew Barrymore, is now used to describe a rare Hollywood relationship: a loving bond between two actors, both on and off screen. Also referred to as a 'work wife' or work husband', these actors and actresses go back to each other time and time again, choosing to work together above anyone else.

Here are 6 of our favourite cinematic soulmates who adore each other in real life…

1) Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate: '[Leo's] probably the world's most beautiful-looking man, yet he doesn't think that he's gorgeous. And to me, he's just smelly, farty Leo.'

Leo: '[Kate's] such a terrific person in general that our chemistry naturally happened on screen. We just like each other as people. She never lets me take myself seriously, even if I wanted to. We have a special magic.'

2) Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Jen: 'I feel very safe working with Bradley Cooper. Any male role is going to make me think of Bradley because in my opinion, he's the best, and I love working with him.’

Bradley: ‘[Jennifer] is the person you want on set with you at 4:00 in the morning when you're losing your mind. Our connection is rare. We don’t talk often, but when we do we just start where we left off, and that’s rare. It’s just easy to look at her and feel like I’m telling the truth.’

3) Mila Kunis and James Franco

Mila: 'James is one of my best friends and has been for many years. He's one of my favourite people to work with, always has been. I love James.’


'I love working with Mila. She’s one of my favourite actresses to work with. I have a great time working with her. We have a great dynamic. She’s a great actor. One of the great things about Mila is that she’s just a great collaborator. She’s very easygoing. She’s done a lot of comedy, so she’s very good at acting on her feet, doing improvisation, and figuring things out in a very organic way, and that’s how I like to work. So, I’ll do anything with Mila.’

4) Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker

Hugh: 'I liked her in "Extreme Measures," but I really love her now. We bonded incredibly well on this film, mainly because we were both so nervous, especially at the beginning. We were united in fear. I find her funny and eccentric. She has strange appetites. I've never seen anyone eat like that. You can put anything in front of her and it's gone in four seconds. She's half-woman, half-locust. And she's tiny. It's freakish.' Sarah: 'He is a complete delight. Despite his proclamations about how difficult he's going to be and how grumpy he is, it just wasn't true. I adore him. He's so smart and funny.'

5) Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

Drew: Some comedians are really dark in person, and that’s heartbreaking, Adam is a genuinely nice, positive person. He doesn’t have a mean-spiritedness to his comedy or to his nature. We both really care about goodness.’

Adam: 'Drew liking me made it seem like girls were allowed to like me in movies. We’ve known each other a long time. But I do love that girl, Drew. She’s a sweetheart, and she’s like family.’

6) Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman

Emma: 'He was the ultimate ally. In life, art and politics. I trusted him absolutely. He was, above all things, a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again.' Alan:

‘[To work with Emma] is a gift, a privilege – you're working with a great friend. We've acted together and I've directed her, as well. But its not like putting on a slipper, there's a challenge involved because she's an artist and she's a brain and she's a will and she's a power and a force and that's all very challenging, but that's what I like.’

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