Travis Kelce sparks Taylor Swift engagement rumours with wedding advice

Are they? Aren't they?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce engagement rumours
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Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce have been dating for around a year, and during an interview with TIME magazine in December the popstar claimed that the pair had already been secretly seeing one another for a while before they were first spotted together in public. Taylor revealed that they actually started spending time together last July, 'right after' he 'very adorably put me on blast on his podcast', and that she was grateful that they had managed to spend time together away from the spotlight before confirming their relationship to the world.

Since they were first seen together in September, Taylor and Travis have been happy to pack on the PDA - whether it's a sweet reference in a lyric or a loved-up Super Bowl embrace - and there's even a theory that Taylor may have predicted their relationship in her own lyrics. But in recent months, speculation that the couple are engaged has ramped up online - and it seems that Travis' recent comments about wedding planning have only served to fuel the fire.

Travis hosts the weekly New Heights podcast with his brother Jason, and during a recent episode he spoke to one of his producers, Jake Chatzky, who is getting married. When Jake stated that his fiancé had been 'handling the whole thing', Travis offered his own marital advice. He said: "You don't matter. And none of your decisions should be made by you."

When Jason stated that he needed opinions on 'some of it', Travis stepped in again to say: "Just reassuring opinions. Just keep asking her what she wants."

The clip has been shared on X - formerly Twitter - and has piqued the interest of Swifties, who are now claiming that Travis' comments could indicate that he's relating to wedding planning stresses. Hmmm.

One user wrote: "Travis sounds like a man who is experiencing a wedding being planned."

Another added: "For Travis who is unmarried...sure sounds like he's very experienced,"

A third said: "I can’t wait to see his face when it’s out on YouTube, we all know Travis can’t lie."

However, others were less convinced, with one person writing: "They’re just trying to screw with everyone since the whole world is obsessed with them getting engaged/married! A+ troll job."

We'll just have to wait and see!

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