Taylor Swift fans believe they've spotted a huge clue about an upcoming announcement

Did you spot these too?

Taylor Swift performing on stage for her Eras tour
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Taylor Swift is almost five months into her Eras Tour, and the star is expected to make over $1 billion from the epic performances. 

While she has been releasing new music and wearing some of the sparkliest outfits we've ever seen, she has also been going viral on social media for what her fans believe are clues as to her next move. 

Swifties are currently claiming that they have spotted some moments that allude to Taylor's future - and what she might do next. 

The singer has been very ambiguous about her upcoming projects over the years, although she is reportedly in talks to create a TV series with one of the writers behind Succession, and is confirmed to be directing an original script that she herself has penned. 

Taylor is often known to drop clues along the way, and now some fans are alleging she could be re-recording a previously released album, and taking it on tour. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: "I love to communicate through Easter Eggs. I think the best messages are cryptic ones... you know, when you plan something that far in advance, you're kind of just flexing on planning. That's what an Easter egg really does."

So, is that what she is doing now? 

Swifties think Taylor could be repurposing her 1989 album and planning a tour, with her current Eras Tour being the precursor for the revisited album, which was released back in 2014. 

Apparently, the Shake It Off singer will be finishing her sell out Eras tour on August 9th - which is written 8/9 in the US - and this has lead some to believe that it's a nod to her album 1989, and that she might tease her next career move. 

One fan took to Twitter to share their suspicions, writing: "Look, I love how we clown for every show, but if you think about it in the most Taylor way… if there will be 1989 TV announcement, it will one trillion percent be at 8/9."

Adding fuel to the speculation is the fact Taylor's shows at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles are being recorded. 

It is unknown exactly where those recordings will be shared and if they could be for a future documentary. 

However, in the music video to accompany the track I Can See You, a traffic sign reading "I-9 89 TV" can be seen, which some believe is a subtle nod to the album. 

Another clue is that Taylor has rekindled friendships and been spotted out with certain close friends who she had previously surrounded herself with when 1989 was released. 

Of course, Taylor has remained tight lipped about what she may be working on in the future - so this is merely speculation at the moment. 

Could there be more to it?

We'll have to wait and see...

Maisie Bovingdon

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