The Only 7 Things You Need To Know To Be A Waxing Pro

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  • As liberating as peeling off the 70 deniers was, the sudden hit of sunshine threw us into a panic and made us realise it’s time to learn the art of hair removal. Never ones to go it alone, we quizzed waxer to the stars (and the lady responsible for bringing the Hollywood to the UK) Arezoo Kaviani, for her top tips to make the road to silky legs less hairy.

    1. Treat it like styling your hair. It’s best to do it the day after a shower rather than the same day.

    2. Avoid lotion. It will only make it harder for the wax to grip the hairs.

    3. Consider the size of the strips you need. What strips you use will depend on the area you plan to wax. For your underarms and your bikini line it’s often easier to use a narrow strip or cut a larger strip in half so you don’t miss areas or have to go over them twice.

    4. Apply wax in the direction that your hair naturally grows. Press down to stick the wax to the hairs then hold the skin taught and pull the strip away from the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.

    5. It’s normal for the skin to need calming. Products containing Aloe Vera, Witch-Hazel or Camomile will soothe the skin and close pores, preventing ingrown hairs and remove any wax residue.

    6. Feed lemons to ingrown hairs. Applying a little lemon juice to them eliminates dead skin cells and helps free the hair under the skin. Most of all, avoid picking as it can easily lead to scarring.

    7. Get your equipment right. Microwaves are for popcorn, not wax. The Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit, £29.99, is a self-heating wax system that heats up in just 20 minutes and the roll on applicator applies the wax evenly to remove the hairs from the root from first application.

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