Vaseline uses you've probably never heard of (but need to know)

You'll be amazed at what can be done with such a small tub of salve

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You'll be amazed at what can be done with such a small tub of salve...

It’s a household name, but we bet there are so many Vaseline uses you had no idea existed.

Despite being mainly known as a barrier balm, this salve can be used for beauty, medication and household purposes; much like Bio Oil, it's totally multipurpose.

Intrigued as to how else you can use this little pot? Keep scrolling to find out why Vaseline is such a versatile beauty buy.

1. To protect your skin from hair dye

Swipe some Vaseline along your hair line and around your ears to avoid dyeing your skin, as well as your locks.

2. To remove lash glue

Not only can you use Vaseline to remove old lash glue from falsies, you can also use it to remove lash extensions safely. It also softens your natural lashes and can promote growth by strengthening them.

3. To maintain your signature scent

If you want your perfume to last all day, dab Vaseline on the parts of your skin where you spray. The salve, which is occlusive, will hold the fragrance on your skin for longer.

4. Vaseline can groom your brows

Take an old mascara brush, dip it into your vaseline pot and then brush through your brows to set them in place for the day. It’s perfect or creating that bushy effect Cara Delevingne is so well known for.

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5. For a smokey eyeliner effect

For that rocker chick, slept in look, line your eyes with kohl as you normally would and then dip a q-tip into vaseline and run over the top to diffuse your eyeliner.

6. To add shine to a leather handbag

Vaseline works much like a professional leather balm by softening the leather and giving it shine.

Simply apply a dollop of Vaseline to your bag and then work it in with an old cloth, before buffing any extra off.

7. On your teeth before a speech

You can thank Lisa Simpson for this one. Ever given a presentation in a meeting or given a speech at a wedding and gotten your top lip caught on your teeth? Never let that happen ever again.

8. To slide off jewellery easily

Your fingers naturally swell when it’s hot, during the evening when you sleep and in the evening, so if you’re having trouble getting your jewellery off before you go to bed or have a shower, rub some Vaseline around your finger where your ring slides to and it’ll slip straight off.


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9. To stop candle wax from sticking

Rub it on the inside of a candle holder to prevent candle wax from sticking to the edges of your candle holder.

10. To stop your nail polish bottle top from getting stuck

Apply a tiny bit of Vaseline on the mouth of your nail polish bottle to avoid nail polish form sticking to the edges.

11. As a highlighter

Drum a bit of Vaseline along your cheekbones and on the top of your brow to give a natural, subtle highlight. If you want your highlighter to be more dramatic, simply dust a bit of shimmery eyeshadow over the top.

12. As a glossy eyeshadow

Wonder how all of the make-up artists get their models’ lids so glossy backstage? Vaseline. It’s the one beauty product every professional carries in their kit because it can make anything look glossy.

13. To prevent blisters from occurring

If you’re a runner and find that your socks rub against your shoes, which in turn rub against your skin, try applying a layer of Vaseline to your heels before you go running. It will lessen the amount of friction.

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