The must-have Dior Beauty product for stressed skin

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  • 'My skin never fails to flare up through busy times due to the stress-induced cortisol production, triggering a response that makes itself known on the surface of my skin in the form of redness and sensitivity' says Lisa Oxenham.

    When facing a particularly taxing period, I anticipate this and try to make sure my cupboard is well stocked with products that will go some way to keep my skin calm and balanced.

    One that’s made an enormous difference: Dior Cica Recover Balm, £40. Cica is short for centella asiatica, and its nickname is Tiger Grass as the leafy green herb in Asia is what tigers rub onto their wounds to help their skin heal, an instinct that’s well-placed; research has proven that cica extract helps to regenerate cells and have an effect on cuts and burns, soothing and repairing sensitised skin, and even treating acne. 


    How does this wonder ingredient get to work on our skin?

    Cica is rammed with anti-oxidants, amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids, and vitamins C, A, B1 and B2. Jointly, these give skin an anti-microbial boost and have anti-inflammatory effect while helping to stimulate collagen production. This also means that cica-spiked products can help fight the signs of premature ageing such as sallow skin, dark spots and fine lines by fighting against environmental pollution. If dullness and dehydration is your skin concern then cica can also boost circulation and blood flow to the skin, while decreasing moisture loss.

    Buy Now– Each fragrance-free dose has a PH level close to that of the skin, so barrier function is strengthened.

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