This is probably the most boring beauty launch of the year—but it's already my favourite

Who knew a skin balm could be so game-changing?

CeraVe Advanced Repair Ointment
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It's often the most boring launches (and I say this not as a criticism) that actually become my favourites. As someone with fussy and sensitive skin, I tend to gravitate towards the hydrating, comforting and skin-barrierrepairing ingredients and products—think rich moisturisersand nourishing balms.

So, naturally, during a new product development preview a few months ago, I jumped at the chance to try CeraVe's new Advanced Repair Ointment. Its royal blue packaging doesn't scream excitement to most, but it did for me. It's quickly become a winter staple (and it only launched this month) in my skincare routine. Is it groundbreakingly complex? No. Is it wonderful and efficacious in its simplicity? Yes—and that's exactly why I love it so much and think you will too. 

Cerave advanced repair ointment

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Formulation of CeraVe's Advanced Repair Ointment

Already viral in the US, the Advance Repair Ointment is CeraVe's most requested launch in the UK, and I can understand why. The texture is akin to your classic pot of petroleum jelly, yet a little more elevated than that. The main reason is because the main ingredient is good old petrolatum. One of the most loved ingredients by dermatologists for its abilities as an occlusive, which is basically a sealing effect that traps in moisture.

So, what makes CeraVe's ointment so special? It's blended with hyaluronic acid, which, you'll probably know by now is a fantastic hydrator holding 1,000 times its weight in water; essentially giving your skin a big drink. In addition to this, the formula contains 3 essential ceramides, which binds our skin cells together, in turn, helping out skin to retain moisture and strengthen its barrier. Together they create a buttery ointment that works as an occlusive with added extra benefits. 

Texture of CeraVe's Advanced Repair Ointment

Cerave advanced repair ointment

(Image credit: Tori Crowther)

The texture is also much more elegant than other petrolatum-based products, but it's definitely not a brand new, never-been-done-before texture; it's simply an excellent occlusive, which works fantastically as a slugging tool

Having said that, it definitely feels more lightweight and less greasy than other petrolatum products out there, which I can find a little too thick and heavy. The brand claims it to be non-greasy, which I don't entirely agree with; there is naturally a leftover film as is the case with this type of product. However, it is lighter and more enjoyable to use in my opinion. 

On the lips, it gives a thick coating to protect them from moisture loss but not sticky or tacky, which I hate in a lip product. It actually leaves a lovely, glossy sheen. 

Results of CeraVe's Advanced Repair Ointment

I use this pretty much everywhere, especially in the winter when my skin is even more dry. Daily I've been using this on my lips and it's been one of the new products that can keep my chronically chapped lips at bay. I've also been using it on my hands and cuticles when they get excessively dry, as well as my body for areas it needs some extra moisture. But I think the real magic is using this on the face as a slugging technique. After using my serum and regular moisturiser, I've been popping a small amount of this over the top to seal all that skincare in and I wake up with a next-level glow.

This is definitely one for drier skin types when used as slugging, as it is a thicker consistency. But it's great for all lips and dry patches of skin when that little bit of extra TLC is needed. 

At £11 a tube, she's a bargain thanks to be so well-rounded. The product has truly served its purpose as an all-in-one making it one of the cheapest, most valuable skincare products in my routine right now. 

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