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The best lip balm to moisturise and combat chapped lips

While we all look after the skin on our faces, our lips are often overlooked

Your search for the best lip balm stops right here. Whether it’s a serious dose of hydration or a sheer healthy shine you’re after, you’ll find it here with our edit of the best lip balm choices on offer in the UK.

There’s nothing worse than trying to apply lipstick on cracked lips. Even the very best red lipstick won’t combat it – in fact, this particular shade will pick up on chapped-ness the most.

So, keep dryness at bay with a slick of the best lip balm you can find; it’s the one beauty essential you should never leave home without. And the beauty is, they’re small enough to stock in your handbags, purses, car and coat pockets, so you’ll never be caught out again.

Choose a penny pinching, super simple hydrating formula that simply gives lips a moisture hit. Or, opt for a luxury lip balm that boasts a host of other skincare benefits, from SPF protection to smoothing and plumping properties. There’s something to suit everyone.

You can also go for a skincare, cosmetic hybrid that contains sheer pigment, which means you can skip the lipstick part of your make-up routine and top up on hydrating lip balm throughout the day without compromising colour.

As well as investing in one of the best lip plumpers, try improving the texture of your lips with a sugar scrub treatment once or twice a week too. It will make sure your lip balm works twice as hard.

What’s more, you can use your lip balm to highlight your cheekbones and brow bones, or add a touch of gloss to your eyeshadow. You can even tame split ends by smoothing a little through the tips of your locks. But, if you really want to reap the benefits of these multi-purpose balms, make sure you choose one with a high concentration of hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid.

You can also use your lip balm to transform any lip colour into a more sheer, moisturising formula. Just use a lip brush to mix the colour and balm products together before applying to your lips.

It’s a real beauty multi-tasker – find your new favourite in our edit below.

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