The AW17 star products you can trust to restore winter skin

Winter’s coming… it’s time to load up your beauty arsenal with Cetaphil’s cult-worthy warriors.

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Promotional feature with Cetaphil

Winter’s coming… it’s time to load up your beauty arsenal with Cetaphil’s cult-worthy warriors

When harsh weather winds roll in, after a long, cold commute there's nothing better than cosying in the warmth cuddling a blanket. But sudden temperature changes wreak havoc on your skin whatever your skin type, leaving you prone to breakouts, dry patches and increased sensitivity. That’s why when the clocks go back its time to bounce forward with a new skincare regime.

Cue Cetaphil, which will help you achieve your best skin yet. Trusted by dermatologists and coveted by industry insiders, it’s the go-to brand for anyone in the know. Why? Because Cetaphil’s soap-free products have a skin-friendly pH, meaning you can maintain a flawless, radiant complexion with ease.

Its cleansers are designed to gently cleanse away impurities without irritating the skin, while the fragrance-free moisturising cream is clinically proven to help rehydrate and refresh your complexion. Yes – it is possible to retain that that to-die-for summer glow in winter!

Introducing your new-season skincare plan…


Whatever your complexion, Cetaphil has got it covered. Select the Gentle Skin Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin, or the Oily Skin Cleanser for oily or combination complexions. They're specially designed not to disrupt your protective barrier functions, which are there to help maintain moisture and defend against external aggressors.


Cetaphil’s Moisturising Cream can be used on all skin types and is clinically proven to help re-hydrate and reduce moisture loss. It’s non-comedogenic too, meaning it won’t block pores and cause angry breakouts. Bonus!


Don’t forget those pesky dry elbows and knees – massage in Cetaphil’s miracle Body Moisturising Lotion for a daily dose of all-over hydration.

Want more tips on how to hydrate your skin this season? Visit to discover expert tips, celeb secrets and reader reviews, plus more on the complete range, and the money-back guarantee terms and conditions. Find Cetaphil products at selected Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Lloyds and independent pharmacies. Also available on Amazon.