These makeup brushes are gonna change your life

In the words of Charlotte Tilbury, no painter can create a masterpiece without the right brushes

In the words of Charlotte Tilbury, no painter can create a masterpiece without the right brushes

When our makeup goes the way we want it to in the morning, we know it’s going to be a good day. Flawless skin with seamless application is something we strive for 24/7. So, if you haven’t got a favourite make up brush, then where have you been? Would you be tempted to get onboard the brush train if we told you it almost halves your time applying makeup in the morning?

Application, blending and sculpting is all made easier with the help of tools. Brushes are an investment, and with regular washing will last you for over 2 years. So, there’s no excuse for not washing them regularly either and this is why. They accelerate you from beginner to pro with just a few smudges. Make like an artist and invest today.

We’ve rounded up the best way to store your brushes, but thank us later. Whether you’re about one multitasker that stiples, blends and sculpts we have rounded up the best sets for you. These are great for gifting but it’s going to be difficult to part from such pretty sets. Just wait til you see…

Like every good makeup artist, being equipped for makeup application makes all the difference. They make your dressing table #goals and your foundation/blush/eyeshadow work harder. You only have to look on YouTube or Instagram for serious makeup finishing goals. With the rise of the beautyblender, a perfected look has us shamelessly online shopping to find our perfect set. There are tonnes to choose from: if you’re vegan, want super-soft, high grip, angled tip, full coverage, synthetic, neon, or travel sets we’ve got you covered. Brushes make for effortlessly quick manoeuvring, so you really shouldn't be without.

These sets are perfect to add to your wishlist for Santa - we say blend, sculpt and buff yourself to pixel perfect looks. Best get behaving…