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How to make the glitter make-up trend work for you

We break down the difference between Christmas tree and Couture eye

Words by Luisa Epps

Does glitter have you running for the hills? You’re not alone. It’s a make or break statement that can either make you look like a professional makeup artist, or like you just stepped out of a pre-teen disco. Not ideal. And when you look to Fashion Month, from AW16 at Tommy Hilfiger to SS17 at Versace, it’s clear that glitter is definitely making a come back.

If you refuse to let winter coax you into those dull, everyday looks then why not welcome a little glitter into your regime? Loose pigment glitter pots are perfect to quickly change up your look. The ever-popular MAC Glitter Pigments, £16,, are sparkle-heaven and can be placed on the face, skin and even hair. Apply just a touch either in the centre of the lid, the inner corners of the eye or along your lower lash line for an effortless way to add some glitz to your eyes.

The secret to making glitter last is all about using an eyelid primer. Whether it’s the Too Faced Glitter Glue, £17,, bareMinerals Prime Time Original Eyelid Primer, £16,, or simply a dab of Vaseline, these items will become your new best friend in preventing fall-out and enhancing shine. Or, why not try the well-loved beauty hack of placing a tissue or tape under the eye? This will catch any inevitable fall out and avoid your entire face being covered in glitter.

Glitter eyeliner is another huge trend this season and Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, £14,, is just what you need to create a ‘double-liner’ effect and make your eyes dazzle throughout the night. But if you prefer a glittery eyeshadow over actual glitter, Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow, £21, is a great choice. It offers really great colour in just a couple of sweeps, and has serious staying power for shimmery eyelids that last.

Want a mascara to pair with your glittery lids? Powder can find the best match for you!


In terms of a brush, Bobbi Brown’s Eyeshader Brush, £25.50, is an amazing investment. Because its a dense brush that’s flattened a the top, it picks up pigment amazingly, so is great for applying any glittery eyeshadows and building coverage. Top tip: Because of the tightly packed bristles, this brush is also great for sweeping highlighter across your cheekbones to create the ultimate glow.

For your cheeks, If, however, you’re feeling more daring and adventurous, why not try glitter strobing? This is where a sprinkle of glitter is used as a highlighter on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and along the cupid’s bow. Otherwise, mixing a small amount of glitter with clear lip-gloss creates a 3D effect on the lip.

When it comes to incorporating glitter into a make-up look, there really is something for everyone. Glitter is an adaptable and build-able make-up accessory that shouldn’t be something we fear or avoid – If used correctly, it can animate almost any make-up look.

So, with party season well underway, what better time to experiment?

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