Exactly what is root stamping?

It's taking over the beauty world. But what is it?

root stamping
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It's taking over the beauty world. But what is it?

Beauty trends come and go. They also get recycled and given new names. But like all good things, the best ones stick around. Enter root stamping.

No, this isn't some superfood trend where you stamp on the roots of vegetables to get their juice out. This is a trend that has everything about it, ahem, rooted in your lashes. Known to make your lashes look thicker, fuller and more dramatic, this simple trick has been used for decades. But now, it finally has a name.

The key is to concentrate your mascara at the roots of your lashes. Hence, it being called, root stamping. And by doing this, you create volume for your lashes without them getting clumpy.

First, apply your best mascara as you would normally (and if you don't have a favourite mascara yet, take this quiz to find the best one for your lashes). We always recommend at least 2 layers if you want thicker looking lashes. Then, re-dip the brush in your mascara and press it against the base of your upper lashes. At this point, you'll want to pull the brush through to the tip of your lashes. But, don't. Remember, this is about stamping mascara at the roots of your lashes.

Repeat this stamping process at least twice - three if you need. Once you've stamped your upper lashes, stamp your lower ones. You should never forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes. It's like applying lipstick to just your top lip. You'll immediately notice that your lashes look fuller, more voluminous than they normally do.

But this make-up trick has more than one advantage.

Not only does it make your lashes look thicker, it also lifts them at the base. When you press the brush against the inside of your lashes, it pushes your lashes upwards. Then the mascara sets them in place, so your eyes look bigger and brighter.

And the best part is, you'll notice it immediately. And then you'll never turn back...

Natalie Lukaitis