How DO You Cope With A Fringe In The Summer?

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  • Overall, sunshine is a winner for beauty. Hello brown legs, natural blonde highlights, freckles and our vitamin D levels soaring through the roof. But the one thing that doesn't love a healthy dose of heat? Fringes.

    Nine months out of twelve, fringes are great. They frame your face, give body to fine hair, make long hair more interesting and offer youthening effects to rival Botox for a fraction of the price. Let’s face it, that blunt fringe was the best thing Jessica Biel ever did, including marrying Justin Timberlake. 

    But June through to August, fringes are not a good idea. Bring on the hot-and-bothering, sticking-to-your-forehead, spot-enducing sweat-fest. That’s if the humidity doesn’t turn you into a frizzball first. 
    So what to do? Cancel your salon appointment in May-time and let your bangs start to grow out. This is not with the goal of losing it all together, but letting it get to a length that by the time the temperature hits the late teens, you’ve got enough length to sweep it securely to the side. Then come September, you can trim it right back in again.

    Not convinced? These resolute celebrity fringe-sporters have started to side-step the fringe for summer.

    Zooey Deschanel

    Taylor Swift
    Suki Waterhouse
    Reese Witherspoon
    Jenna Coleman
    Kirsten Dunst
    If you are set on keeping your fringe, this is all the inspiration you need…

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