Wedding hair accessories: The best styles for your big day

Wedding hair accessories for every occasion and every budget. Shop our edit of the best here...

wedding hair accessories

Wedding hair accessories for every occasion and every budget. Shop our edit of the best here...

Still searching through wedding hairstyles for the perfect one because you haven't quite found it yet? Wedding hair accessories might be your answer. Not only do they suit long wavy hair, they also suit sleek buns, tight curls and short pixie crops. But, finding one that compliments the theme and atmosphere of your wedding is essential.

Whether you've decided to wear your hair up, or let it flow, the hairstyle and hair accessories you choose will complete (and have an impact on) your overall look. So, invest in a beautiful barrette, add a ribbon to the mix or simply update your 'do with an exquisite headband. Need some inspiration? We've pulled together the best wedding hair ideas out there. From Dolce and Gabbana to DIY.

Types of wedding hair accessories

If your wedding vibe is whimsical, try adding a floral garland. A strand of roses is a great way to pin a veil into your hair without showing the front trimming. If you're wearing your hair up, weave a few delicate flowers throughout your hairstyle to add elegance.

If you're having a decadent wedding, don't be afraid to wear a crown. Work out whether gold or silver will work best with the colour theme of your wedding. Then, decide whether you want to go big or small. And remember, when it comes to crowns, volume is your friend.

If you're looking for something a bit more effortless, add ribbon. You can tie these in a bow on the side, create a turban effect by tying them at the front or add them at the back of your hair for something extra special. And the best part is, they work with an up 'do just as well as they work with a down 'do.

Finally, never underestimate the ethereal power of a hair barrette. There's a reason why these intricately designed hair clips make their way onto the catwalk season after season.

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